Friday, January 27, 2017

When the weather outside is frightful, candlelight is so de-LIGHT-ful!
Take those snowy night "blues" and turn them into a sparkling centerpiece idea to spark things up!
Grab a bowl - just about any container that holds water will work - fill about 3/4 full of room temperature water; pinch the wick of the candle and gently lower it into the water and, as the song goes, "come on baby light my fire".

Floating candles are economical and so easy to use. Our candles burn approx. 7 hours - perfect for a romantic evening or a party. We suggest using glass bowls or cups because the candle light will send reflections through the water and the glass! SO pretty! a little "cabin fever"? We still have several more weeks of winter. It's soup for dinner and baking time around the house! But - here's an idea: Instead of real cinnamon rolls - maybe light a cinnamon roll candle - all of the aromas with none of the calories!

Here's a couple of photos taken around here just so you don't feel like you're the only one with snow covering everything and making the roads icy! 

The Prescott and Prescott Valley area is at a 5,000 +/- FT elevation so we get 4 real seasons of the year. 
Unlike the Phoenix area, and on south to the border, with only two main seasons wonderful (like now) and hot (summertime) our area is still designated a desert so we have a unique combination of pine trees and cactus growing next to each other! 
These icicles look downright dangerous! but beautiful!
 Winter time can prove to be an interesting time to photograph natural scenes - if your fingers don't freeze off and your camera survives. We love to take our own photographs - not just of the candles - but it's a nice day when you can just wander around taking pictures! 
Last fall I noticed a bobcat wandering across the driveway! I'm not sure if this will show him very well but I did manage to grab a camera and give it a try.


Some folks who live back East have never seen Javalina. Lots of them live around here. They usually travel together in small families. Babies of course are pudgy and cute. But these older ones are gnarly prehistoric looking creatures with bad tempers - and really dumb! They love to destroy everybody's gardens, especially tulip bulbs.They can be dangerous, too. Best to stay clear. 
It always surprises me to see a beautiful, crisp clear sky but it's only about 15 degrees outside - so cold. Stay warm and safe this winter and enjoy cozy family evenings - by candlelight! 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

One of the main highways in Arizona is I-17 and runs North/South between Phoenix and Flagstaff. Up on the mesa, just a few miles North of Sunset Point, is a Christmas tree. In a wide natural landscape, in between the North and South directions of the interstate lanes, lives a scruffy tree that receives Christmas decorations every year, somehow. No one knows exactly how this is done, or who does the great thing. The general idea is that a Christmas crew of Santa's elves selects a night with a full moon, for there are no street lights along the highway in this area, to decorate the tree. Needless to say, it brings smiles and wonder to all who see it. We expect to see it! We are grateful for it! Selfless acts of kindness always melts the heart - especially at Christmas time. I imagine these folks, human or elf, carrying boxes and boxes of ornaments, ladders and the great big star that adorns the top. There are no lights on the tree - it is simply a scruffy old tree in the middle of the highway that receives a little Christmas miracle every year. The most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen.

Highway 69 turns off I-17 to the West, and on to Prescott Valley at Cordes Junction - to the East is the famous Arcosanti - an architectural project that began in 1970 by Paolo Soleri. Highway 69 took years to be transformed from a 2 lane road to a 4 lane highway because the engineers kept running into old mines that had to be filled or, in some places, archaeological sites were discovered that needed to be protected.

Prescott Valley was once called JackAss Flats and then Lonesome Valley. This area has still retained its feeling of the West in open prairie lands, ranch lands and rugged mountains. Our candle workshop and store is on the Eastern edge of Prescott Valley next door to some of the property owned by the Fain family who founded a homestead in Lonesome Valley in 1874.

As we approach the holiday season I think about where we are - how we got here - and why do so many of our family members live somewhere else? Everybody seems to use the phrase "out West" and "back East". Well, Kent's family moved to Arizona from Kentucky in 1959, mine from Florida in 1964. The candle business started in old town Tempe in 1971 and the even though the candles have changed over the years, all are original - as well as the process developed to make the best candles we can. I often think about our people who use our candles at special events, weddings and opening as gifts on Christmas day. We are so very grateful to all of our loyal customers.

This is a photo of our store display for Christmas Morning pillars and floating candles.
We wish you a happy holiday season.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall is here!

If fall is your favorite time of the year, you've already been gathering decorative accents for every room of the house! With pumpkin festivals and farmer's markets and flea markets to shop, it's a busy time! So here's a little tip - create a simple and beautiful centerpiece with floating candles!
Just about anything will work. Honest! In the photo above I used a plastic terracotta colored plant tray set inside a real terracotta planter pot stuffed all around with a silk fall leaf garland. Whenever you add garlands or other accents, just be sure that you do not allow any of the leaves to reach over into the candle area. #PumpkinFloatingCandles are perfect because they burn over 7 hours - perfect for a party. We suggest unscented candles so the candle aromas do not conflict with the aromas of the dinner. We suggest scented for gift baskets and thank you gifts. Who doesn't love candles? They add such a romantic touch and are such thoughtful gifts.
If the colors of the trees are starting to turn beautiful colors - maybe you would like to bring those colors to the centerpiece with #FallLeafFloating candles! Mix 'n match colors and surround your bowl with real leaves gathered from your back yard! In the image above I used a couple of old brass pots. Choose containers that will hold at least 3+ candles so they really glow!
We hope you have a fabulous fall season! Thank you for your interest in Armadilla Wax Works' hand crafted candles - made in Arizona since 1971.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Here in Arizona we are in the monsoon season. Of course we always welcome rain but this time of the year the storms can be a little scary! It sometimes feels like someone turn on a water faucet above and the downpour is like a flood rather than a rain coming down. Something even more strange is that some of the storms may bring hail as well! With dry land, the volumes of water have no chance to soak into the landscape so they start filling up dry creek beds, river beds and canals!

Monsoon clouds over Thumb Butte, Prescott

We have lived in Arizona for many years and the monsoon season does bring some relief from the heat - only to add humidity to the weather! Here in the Prescott and Prescott Valley area we are at a higher elevation than the Phoenix area - we are in a unique landscape with both pine trees and cactus! At over 5,000 feet, this area has a monsoon season, beautiful fall colors and snowy winter days.  I love the twilight time of the day especially after the storm. Here are a few images outside around the house.

Riley age 16 months; AKA Ms.Piggy, Ms.Chocolat


Fall leaf candlesOn a business note - be sure to order your hand-dipped fall leaf candles and plump deLIGHTful pumpkin candles for fall gifts and decorating! Armadilla Wax Works make the best! Thanks!

Fall Pumpkin candles

We now make our pumpkin candles with no scent - best choice when used at the dinner table, and scented with a lovely pumpkin spice fragrance for gift baskets and just a thoughtful "thank you" gift!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cool off by candlelight.

Reusable 5.5" Luminary candles for summer settings.

Ever notice that electric lights, no matter the type of light bulbs, deliver some heat along with light? At the end of the day, a twilight setting seems to feel cooler and of course more romantic. Our suggestion is to continue that idea with candlelight because of the soft glow. Actually candlelight is perfect for summer parties when everyone is gathered together on the deck or patio. 
At the Armadilla Wax Works we have designed two lovely reusable wax luminaria styles that not only create a wonderful centerpiece on a table top but they will float in a pool, pond or birdbath. 

The video above shows how we make the luminary candles in our workshop!

The reason these designs are reusable is because we have inserted a small plaster-like plate in the interior. This holds the candle light source, like a votive candle or t-light, in the center for an even glow and prevents the heat from melting through the bottom of the design. (each candle comes with a votive cup and votive candles - unscented of course.  Pretty cool!
The Deco and Lotus are approx. 5.5"  - we suggest turning off your pool filter system while the candles are used so that they will float freely around the water. Always remove them at the end of the evening.

Looking for an added "wow" factor? Use a few 5.5" Waterlily floating candles in the pool or pond! 

All of our designs are original, made in our own molds. Thanks for shopping local!

The image below is a group of Pink Waterlily
candles just finished in the candle factory. Each one 
is carefully molded and finished by hand and is
shipped in individual boxes. The interior of the 
flower burns a diameter suitable for you to insert
a small t-light into the cavity to use the candle again.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Focus and simplify. Candlelight for a relaxing "time-out" time just for you.

Every season is a new opportunity to refresh - ourselves and our home decor, renew friendships and resolutions to just do things differently - maybe better.We make so many different kinds of candles and we are always thinking about new ideas for new fragrances and colors. Sometimes it's nice to focus and simplify. 

This spring we have a new collection of #DoubleFragrance pillar candles that extends to increased scent in our formulas for votives and wax potpourri melts. As candle lovers, we know you share our interest in really great designs, fragrances and fragrance blends.
Candlelight itself is a soothing and relaxing retreat and sending a lovely aroma into the room is icing on the cake - so to speak. For people who like candlelight with no fragrance, we completely understand and offer candle choices with no scent. In fact our floating candles are offered in your choice of scent or no scent. When in doubt about what kinds of candles to buy - keep in mind how they will be used.

We make candles so that they will be burned and deliver a good experience.
Keep it simple with Daisies; design a tropical scene with Orchids; get romantic with Roses; show off a springtime theme with Daffodils.

Love to go to flea markets and collect vintage good stuff?
   You probably have some wonderful containers that would
be perfect for floating candles.
      Mix 'n match is fun!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Having a party? Invite the simple round candles for an easy, affordable and beautiful centerpeice.
Having a party? wedding? special occasion or big family reunion? Here's the easiest candle to stock in your "party pantry"!

This is a giant collection of just finished 3" round floating candles - but - you need not necessarily use them as floating candles! You can nestle them into a cup with sand or salt for example and use them as a short pillar candle. is one of our pouring machines. It automatically fills the molds as they pass along the running track with the exact amount of wax.
Our simple round candles are perfectly suited to add your special decorative accents to the bowl for a personalized centerpiece. 

Choose well made hand crafted candles even when looking for a simple solution to a candle centerpiece because quality craftsmanship will mean quality materials are used and you will get a long burn time!

Here are two examples of how to use a floating candle in a simple cup with layers of sand and salt - wrapped gently in a nice ribbon to coordinate with your decor. How easy is that?!

Here I used a few thrift store finds! 

Tall margarita glasses and a short holder to give the setting different heights; scattered a few glass beads here and there and when the candles are lit, they cast lovely reflections through the glass all over the table. As you can see, the candle flames are in the center of the candles and the heat goes straight up so the glasses will not be touched.  

Of course we always say : Never leave a burning candle unattended!