Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peace through music, and candlelight.

With our recent blog post about our new Orchid Floating candles and exotic places, travel and meeting new people is on our minds especially this time of the year. 

If you have not heard about the non profit organization, Playing for Change, let me introduce you.
Founded in 2002 by Mark Johnson with the simple idea of peace and connecting the world through music.The foundation is "dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world, and creating hope and inspiration for the future of our planet."
The following link will take you to the blog where you can learn more. 

The link on the logo will take you to the web site and where you can choose from and listen to 94 episodes of incredible music played by musicians from all over the world. Recorded on street corners, in alleyways, on roof tops, fields and studios, you will fall in love with the music. Enjoy ~ and join! 


 Let's talk about floating candles! The magic, of floating candles on the water, is in the combination of natural elements - fire and water. The flame seems to dance before our eyes and the water reveals surprising and amazing reflections.

Hibiscus floating candle for pool or pond.
Ceremonial floating candles in India.

Floating candlelight on the water is not a new idea. Often used for ceremonies and celebrations around the world, candle light is a symbol of love and peace as it offers light and warmth and a quiet time to reflect. In our busy, information-rich age, sometimes it's a good idea to "unplug" and light a candle, sing a song, you know, "chill". We hope that our candles help you to do that now and then.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where I travel, I find the exotic. New Orchid floating candles for a tropical paradise setting.

Floating Orchid Candles

"Travel changes people. It broadens perspectives and teaches new ways to measure quality of life. Many travelers toss aside their hometown blinders. Their prized souvenirs are the strands of different cultures they decide to knit into their own character." A frequent face on the PBS channel, Rick Steves' travel philosophy is woven into his travel guides and TV programs.
With a keen sense of discovery and imagination - our new Orchid floating candles have been created from a series of trials and errors, over the last several weeks, until we reached a mix of skilled technique and surprisingly wonderful random watercolor-like swirls of color. Currently we are offering these two color patterns and a choice of UNscented or lightly scented with our lovely new Jacaranda Tree Blossom fragrance.
In case you are wondering about the image tacked to the window frame, we pay compliments to the lovely Dorothy Lamour, the "sarong queen" who was always featured in the delightful musical comedy films of the 1940's with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. 
Sandra has opened the mold to discover the beauty of the candle she poured a few hours ago. 
Discover? Yes ~ it takes time for the wax to cool and harden until the mold can be opened to reveal the candle. 
Each one will look slightly different because of the techniques and timing she has mastered with swirling different colors and temperatures of wax in to each mold. 
 Need a larger size for the pool or pond? Check out the Waterlily, Lotus luminary, Hibiscus and Rose Blossom sizes.
One of our master candle makers, Sandra proudly displays her work at the candle factory - a beautiful bouquet of orchid floating candles. 
Hand crafted in every detail, orchid flower candles are made to delight you and your guests. 
You are hereby cordially invited to create your own centerpiece masterpiece with Orchid floating candles. 
Armadilla Wax Works is the "first name in floating candles" because all of our designs are originals, made in the candle factory in Prescott Valley, AZ.
Looking for an exciting gift? Choose Orchid Floating candles!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Patio parties this summer? Floating pool candles are the perfect accent.

Planning a few patio, deck, backyard, gazebo, greenhouse, lakelet, puddle, bayou, lagoon parties this summer?

When we get together for parties or special events to celebrate or commemorate, we all look forward to seeing friends and family and catching up on life. Creating these events falls to the event planner - everyone has one or two of these people in their circle - thankfully! People who love people, love to create a memorable time for everyone - images to save in scrapbooks or share on smartphones. 
What makes these events memorable is just seeing each other and the feeling that all are welcome.
As the sun sets, and we settle in to our favorite spot on the couch or deck chair, isn't is a nice touch to see a few candles glowing around the table or floating in the pool? Candlelight is a thoughtful touch.

Floating candles have been around for some time but the Armadilla Wax Works' candle factory is really the first name in floating candles. Why? Because we make so many designs ~ from flowers to round discs to reusable luminary designs. Yes. The #floating pool candles in the lovely photo above are the "Deco" shapes that are 5.5" all around and are illuminated from within by a votive candle. This is one of two shapes you'll really love because you can use them on a table top centerpiece or as shown around and in the pool. Be sure to see the Lotus shape - so beautiful. (Just be sure to turn off the filters, etc during the party.) Be sure to visit the web site to watch a short video on how we make these wax luminarias. We may not be the best at videos, but you can be assured the candles will be beautiful for the party. 
We know you will be happy with our candles - made in the USA since 1971. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Floating Rose Candles for centerpieces, receptions and thoughtful gifts.

Floating Rose Candles
Roses are the most popular flower in the world. They have held that stature for a long time as the painting of roses dates back to the bronze age. (?)
The list of occasions when roses are included is simply endless.

New from the Armadilla Wax Works candle factory in Prescott Valley are the detailed floating rose candles in two sizes, 6 colors and offered with garden rose scent or unscented.
Choose SCENTED ~ with a wonderful garden rose scent ~ when you want to bring the aroma of the rose garden indoors, the Garden Rose fragrance will fill the room.

Choose UNSCENTED ~ for color and candlelight ~ when you want lots of gorgeous floating rose candles without fragrance, on occasions when entertaining a large number of guests in a banquet setting.

Design your garden party with floating candles as the centerpiece, hostess gifts, wedding attendants' thank you gifts...

Plan your party! Can you even begin to imagine a Kentucky Derby Day party without bowls of Garden Rose floating candles? We can’t. 

Choose a lovely glass container and add room temperature water. Pinch the wick and gently lower the candle into the water. Light and enjoy your beautiful centerpiece. Long burning candles will last the length of your party. Mix and match colors for a bouquet of color and dancing candlelight. How easy is that?!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planning a wedding party reception? Choose floating candles for stunning results.

Planning a wedding party?  
Too many decisions to make?

Here's an easy and economical way to create a stunning centerpiece at every table...

How do we love thee? Let me count the ways...
1) Diameter is 3" so they fit the typical glass cylinder.
2) Burn time is 7 hours so they will last the length of the party.
3) Bulk unscented banquet rose candles will not interfere with the aromas of the dinner.
4) Buy in bulk to save time (looking all over the place) and money (case discounts are good deals).
5) Personalize your glass bowls or cylinders by using a variety of sizes and shapes.
6) Floating candle flames send amazing romantic reflections throughout the water.
7) Everybody looks more beautiful by candlelight and who can have a party without candles?

Having a party outside? Have you tried Floating Pool Luminary Candles?
Honestly, they are so popular for weddings and make every party a special event. Why? We thought you might ask....                                                              
                                                                                    Large size: 5x5" and are reusable! 
The inner cavity glows from a votive candle
centered and stable.
They can also be used on table top.
Available in two shapes - Deco and Lotus.

Watch a video on how they are made!


Let the "Scuba-Dilla" deliver your candles to the wedding site.

No worries - No more decisions - Using floating candles is fun,
easy and affordable. The Armadilla Wax Works has been making candles since 1971 and we offer you our experience in candle making to guarantee great results for your special day.

How to use floating candles and luminary candles?
Pinch the wick, gently lower in to the water. Light and enjoy.
Luminary candles...light the votive candle in the candle cup inside the luminary. Gently lower in to the water of the pool or spa. Be sure to turn off the cleaning or filtering devices so the candles wander aimlessly.
Choose quality candles made in the USA because of the quality of the waxes used, unique original designs to make your wedding party extra special and quick shipping direct to your door.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"LightHearted" ~ floating heart candles make a de-LIGHT-ful centerpiece in minutes.

Too cold to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day? Create a lovely, romantic centerpiece with a few accessories and floating heart candles! Here's a few simple how to's...

You can use almost anything for the container for floating
candles - a little cup at single place settings or a cut glass
serving bowl from the sideboard. The container needs
to have an opening that does not cross over the candle
flame. A wide opening is best. Fill the container with tap
water (not cold, just room temperature). Pinch the wick.
Gently lower the candle into the water. Light and enjoy!

     At the end of the evening, just pour out the water
     and the remains of the candles will flow out.
     We recommend using fresh water each time you
     use floating candles so they really sparkle and
     glow. If you use clear or even light colored glass,
     you will start to see reflections of the candle
     flames through the water and the glass. You
    never know exactly how it will look but if the
    glass is decorative, you may also see reflections
    on the table top as well. You can try coffee cups,
    wine glasses, custard cups - we like a mix and
    match look with colors, shapes, sizes - it just
    looks so interesting and personal. You created
    a dazzling candle centerpiece in minutes. Add a
    special touch to your special dinner or party.
    Even though the candles are in water, never leave
    a burning candle unattended.
Our floating hearts are unscented and burn up to 4 hours.
    You might like to add floating roses to the design.
    We have two sizes - 3" and the 1.25" sizes.
    Armadilla Wax Works designs and manufactures
    all of the candles on the web site at the candle
    factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Making
    candles since 1971.
Visit the web site: www.candlefactorystore.com or Shop Local in Flagstaff or in Prescott.    Thanks!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pine Cone Candles are so de-LIGHT-ful!

Scented PineCone Candles

When the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL...
        candles are so de-LIGHT-ful!

Get cozy and warm and add the warm glow of candlelight to your home this winter! Our pine cone candles are hand-dipped and scented with our wonderful ponderosa pine scent.

Here is our son Dan pouring pine cone candles when he was in high school about 15 years ago!

Everyone gets involved in a family business!
We pour pine cone candles the same way we always have, but now we are hand dipping them in scented pine fragrance to complete the candle and add that wonderful fresh fragrance! Each candle is packaged with a tag and ready to give as a gift.

I am un-molding pine cone candles that have cooled and are getting ready to go to the dipping tank!

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you stay warm and cozy this winter!

Remember to light a candle for the welcome home feeling and the wonderful fragrance. Whether you like fragrance or candles with no scent, candlelight always adds that special touch and makes everyone feel calm and relaxed.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for choosing candles made in the USA and for shopping in our local candle stores in Prescott and Flagstaff and at the candle factory, too. We really appreciate you.

We have been making candles here in Arizona since 1971. If you are new to Armadilla Wax Works, please give us a try!