Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planning a wedding party reception? Choose floating candles for stunning results.

Planning a wedding party?  
Too many decisions to make?

Here's an easy and economical way to create a stunning centerpiece at every table...

How do we love thee? Let me count the ways...
1) Diameter is 3" so they fit the typical glass cylinder.
2) Burn time is 7 hours so they will last the length of the party.
3) Bulk unscented banquet rose candles will not interfere with the aromas of the dinner.
4) Buy in bulk to save time (looking all over the place) and money (case discounts are good deals).
5) Personalize your glass bowls or cylinders by using a variety of sizes and shapes.
6) Floating candle flames send amazing romantic reflections throughout the water.
7) Everybody looks more beautiful by candlelight and who can have a party without candles?

Having a party outside? Have you tried Floating Pool Luminary Candles?
Honestly, they are so popular for weddings and make every party a special event. Why? We thought you might ask....                                                              
                                                                                    Large size: 5x5" and are reusable! 
The inner cavity glows from a votive candle
centered and stable.
They can also be used on table top.
Available in two shapes - Deco and Lotus.

Watch a video on how they are made!


Let the "Scuba-Dilla" deliver your candles to the wedding site.

No worries - No more decisions - Using floating candles is fun,
easy and affordable. The Armadilla Wax Works has been making candles since 1971 and we offer you our experience in candle making to guarantee great results for your special day.

How to use floating candles and luminary candles?
Pinch the wick, gently lower in to the water. Light and enjoy.
Luminary candles...light the votive candle in the candle cup inside the luminary. Gently lower in to the water of the pool or spa. Be sure to turn off the cleaning or filtering devices so the candles wander aimlessly.
Choose quality candles made in the USA because of the quality of the waxes used, unique original designs to make your wedding party extra special and quick shipping direct to your door.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"LightHearted" ~ floating heart candles make a de-LIGHT-ful centerpiece in minutes.

Too cold to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day? Create a lovely, romantic centerpiece with a few accessories and floating heart candles! Here's a few simple how to's...

You can use almost anything for the container for floating
candles - a little cup at single place settings or a cut glass
serving bowl from the sideboard. The container needs
to have an opening that does not cross over the candle
flame. A wide opening is best. Fill the container with tap
water (not cold, just room temperature). Pinch the wick.
Gently lower the candle into the water. Light and enjoy!

     At the end of the evening, just pour out the water
     and the remains of the candles will flow out.
     We recommend using fresh water each time you
     use floating candles so they really sparkle and
     glow. If you use clear or even light colored glass,
     you will start to see reflections of the candle
     flames through the water and the glass. You
    never know exactly how it will look but if the
    glass is decorative, you may also see reflections
    on the table top as well. You can try coffee cups,
    wine glasses, custard cups - we like a mix and
    match look with colors, shapes, sizes - it just
    looks so interesting and personal. You created
    a dazzling candle centerpiece in minutes. Add a
    special touch to your special dinner or party.
    Even though the candles are in water, never leave
    a burning candle unattended.
Our floating hearts are unscented and burn up to 4 hours.
    You might like to add floating roses to the design.
    We have two sizes - 3" and the 1.25" sizes.
    Armadilla Wax Works designs and manufactures
    all of the candles on the web site at the candle
    factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Making
    candles since 1971.
Visit the web site: www.candlefactorystore.com or Shop Local in Flagstaff or in Prescott.    Thanks!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pine Cone Candles are so de-LIGHT-ful!

Scented PineCone Candles

When the weather outside is FRIGHTFUL...
        candles are so de-LIGHT-ful!

Get cozy and warm and add the warm glow of candlelight to your home this winter! Our pine cone candles are hand-dipped and scented with our wonderful ponderosa pine scent.

Here is our son Dan pouring pine cone candles when he was in high school about 15 years ago!

Everyone gets involved in a family business!
We pour pine cone candles the same way we always have, but now we are hand dipping them in scented pine fragrance to complete the candle and add that wonderful fresh fragrance! Each candle is packaged with a tag and ready to give as a gift.

I am un-molding pine cone candles that have cooled and are getting ready to go to the dipping tank!

We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you stay warm and cozy this winter!

Remember to light a candle for the welcome home feeling and the wonderful fragrance. Whether you like fragrance or candles with no scent, candlelight always adds that special touch and makes everyone feel calm and relaxed.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for choosing candles made in the USA and for shopping in our local candle stores in Prescott and Flagstaff and at the candle factory, too. We really appreciate you.

We have been making candles here in Arizona since 1971. If you are new to Armadilla Wax Works, please give us a try!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dazzling Candle Centerpiece Ideas

floating round red candles
Looking for a simple way to create a dazzling centerpiece for your party? Have you tried floating candles - yet?
1. Gather a few simple accessories.
     A centerpiece often starts with a centering piece like a               charger plate - a mirror - a napkin ....
2. I like odd numbers like 3's and 5's - somehow it works!
    Will the centerpiece be viewed 360 or from one side?
3. Create interest by using different heights. Glass is often
    the best choice because you will get reflections of the
    candle flames through the water.
4. Add accessories to the glass containers and/or wrap
    around the cylinders or whatever you are using. Honestly,
    you can use water glasses, wine glasses, votive cups...
5. Fill with tepid temperature water to the level you want the
    candles to float; gently lower the candles in to the water
    by pinching the wick. LIGHT and ENJOY!

The candle centerpiece on the right was EASY!
1. Look closely and you will see a glass pie plate
    is the base!
2. Have a couple of terracotta pots around? Get
    out the spray paint - I used metallic gold.
3. Paper doilies are easy to find - sometimes at
    the grocery store - stuffed into the pots.
3. Add the glass cylinders decorated with a few
     odds and ends - a holiday pick, fancy ribbon
     saved from a gift package - whatever you like
     that coordinates to your theme or decor!
4. Tuck in a few accents here and there.
5. Fill with water; LIGHT and ENJOY!
Check out bulk prices on white or ivory round floating
candles on our web site. Keep a bunch around in the
party pantry - decor drawer - shoe box in the closet...
It's so easy to have fun with floating candles. Depending on the
theme or colors for your party, you can make it all your own.
1. The centerpiece is a little bouquet of silk flowers. Of course
     you can use a little vase or a cup filled with flowers or even
     cuttings from your garden.
2. Coordinate a theme with ribbons tied around the cylinders
    and casually draped around the flower vase, reaching out and
    around little cups with mini floating candles - or votive candles.
3. This display would be viewed from one side, but if you need
    it to be viewed from all sides, just continue the circle of small
    cups all around.
4. Make sure there are no accessories , ribbons or flowers
    overlapping where the candle flames will be!
5. Add water; gently lower the candles in to the water by simply
    pinching the wick; LIGHT and ENJOY!

At the end of the evening, just pour out the water and the remains of the candles will flow out. Always use
fresh clean water each time so your centerpiece is sparkling and dazzling. Using simple glass containers
is a good idea because they can be added to the dish washer and you will have shiny clean glass for the
next party. 3" round candles burn approximately 6-7 hours; 1.75" diameter burn approximately 4-5 hours.

YES - you can use the same ideas for outdoor entertaining by lowering the level of the water and thus the location of the candle in the cylinder for example, so the candle flames are protected from gentle outdoor breezes. Armadilla Wax Works also designs and produces luminary candle vessels and we have two designs that are meant to float in the pool! These are perfect for patio parties, especially wonderful this time of the year with the incredible weather in the Southwest.

Happy New Year and Happy Decorating with 
easy to use floating candles 
made in the USA since 1971.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Candle Factory Insight

                      People often ask us how we got started making candles. 
Candles are a special category all their own because they are the result of a combination of earth~wax, wind~air, fire~flame and in the case of our #floating candles, water! Plus, they must do their job of giving 
us light and ambiance and romance and maybe fragrance. A little candle has to do a big job!

What started out as experimenting with the materials has evolved over the years as we gathered experience and creative ideas. One thing lead to another - 36" tall drippy taper candles somehow evolved into elegant sand cast candles which lead to the delicate decorative designs you see today. Master candle maker and founder, Kent Buttermann, created the signature textured finish on the #pillar candles just a few years ago and continues to refine the pouring techniques, quality details and wax formulas.
Slabs of highly refined white paraffin wax.

Candle making is really a 
combination of science and creativity. 
Out of the details of making sure the cotton woven braided wick burns the right diameter for the size of the candle and the fragrance choices are perfect, emerges a candle that you will 
enjoy to use and give as a gift.     

Spools of tightly woven cotton braided wick.
Everything is carefully measured and weighed so that we achieve the right color every time depending on the amount of wax to be melted for the days work.

Taking good care of your tools is always an important part of the process and we have tools that are still in use even after many, many years at the candle factory. We have more wax scrapers than we can count - they're everywhere!

This old guy to the left has offered many
years of service to weigh
out the wax! 

He still works just fine - thank you!

~~~   we make these 

 so you can make these  ~~~

Thank you for reading our candle factory blog and we hope you
will be inspired to create illuminating candle centerpiece designs for the upcoming holidays. 

A little candle has a big job to do and we guarantee that our candles
will shine brightly for your special events.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Judson the "Pumpkin Dog" on the job at the candle factory.

Judson, our golden retriever, often comes to the candle factory to hang out. Most of the time he is a greeter in the candle factory store, sleeping somewhere in between his "work". He agreed to pose for this photo! 
I love the extended drape of the silk fall leaf garland. You may be lucky enough to be able to bring a pet to work - if not, a pet is such a wonderful greeter when you get home!
They seem to help us keep things in perspective.

So - let's talk about Pumpkins!                                        
Heading out to a local pumpkin festival this weekend or maybe early next month? It's tempting to choose big pumpkins for the front porch or steps. How about picking up a few smaller sizes to create a fall display in the family room or dining room table? Fill a vintage bowl, or whatever you like, with some water and a few floating pumpkin candles and before you can say Ichabod Crane, you have created a beautiful centerpiece for a family dinner!  Invite a few friends for pumpkin soup - you know - show off your creation! Our pumpkin candles are unscented so the aromas of your meal take center stage!

Looking for a wonderful scented candle? This time of the year our best fragrance is Autumn Spice. It's one of our own blends - kind of a secret - but you can sense a bit if cinnamon and sweet fruit. 

 Candlelight adds warmth and welcome to your home with such simplicity - a finishing touch to a marvelous meal; a thoughtful "thank-you" gift.

Tuck a few pumpkin and autumn spice candles into your welcome basket for a new neighbor (along with your homemade jam).
Looking for long lasting luminary candles for the carved pumpkins? Call the candle factory - we actually designed a luminary candle that burns brightly and lasts all evening long (maybe two) for luminary bags or inside the carved pumpkins. 928-772-1898. They are about 2" wide x 1" tall so it is stable shape. The wick is a little larger so you will get a brighter glow. 
Pumpkin floating candles make a de-LIGHT-ful centerpeice.


Everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time, you know. Just have fun this fall with some home grown, hand crafted, home made goodness! 

If it's made at home -it's home made - that's what I like to say - so what if you take a little help from the grocery store, a local baker or the candle(stick) maker.
And I always know that Judson will be there to help take care of any crumbs that fall on the floor.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Leaf

One of my favorite films, "A New Leaf" written and directed by Elaine May from 1971, is a romantic comedy starring Elaine May and Walter Matthau who discover they are perfect for each other after she discovers a new fern species and in honor of her husband, names the discovery after him. So romantic.

Looking for something different for your fall centerpiece this year? 

How about a NEW Leaf?  
Floating Fall Leaf candles.
Unscented,3" diameter(approx.)

We bet you have a vintage container somewhere around the house that you can use for a fall centerpiece! Fall leaf candles are hand dipped in random colors so no two are alike. Mix and match FALL LEAVES with our Pumpkins for a simply stunning centerpiece.
Farmer's markets are filled with delicious local produce and we'll start to see corn festivals and pumpkin festivals. The Prescott area is at a 5,000 ft elevation and we will see fall colors soon on the trees.
#Local First is a non-profit organization here in Arizona promoting local retailers, special events, artists and craftspeople. As a member, we are happy to let people know that Armadilla Wax Works has been making candles here since 1971 and we open the candle factory in Prescott Valley to school tours and visitors to learn a little about candle making and to dip their own candle!

Autumn Spice candles are now in stock!
One of our most popular fall candles! Be sure to order your fall candles from Armadilla Wax Works for de-LIGHT-ful centerpiece creation. You can do it - candlelight makes everything beautiful.