Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking Forward - A Peek Inside the Workings of a Candle Factory

The week between Christmas Day and New Years Day is interesting in a candle factory.  Of course the inventory is being counted, but the exciting part is the possibility that the upcoming year holds.  Our candle artisans are creating new recipes for the upcoming Spring and Summer – smelling new fragrances and wafting them under the nose of each person who walks within their reach, and pulling out charts for new color combinations.

It’s during this time that some of the hard decisions are made, and for many of those we look to you, our loyal customers and friends.  Which fragrances can’t you live without, and which of our floating flowers and leaves have become a part of your décor and celebrations?  What colors do wedding planners want for the upcoming year?  With such a wide array of pillars and votives and wax potpourri, not to mention our floating candles and wax luminaries, we have to direct our efforts toward the items that are the most popular.  

We compile our reports and as we press print, it’s often with a bit of sadness.  Some candles, of course, we will continue pouring, and others will be re-imagined: Perhaps that flower would be a better fit in a different color, or maybe a pinch more of this or an added bit of that will create a scent that bumps a candle from “ho-hum” into “Oh yeah!”  In the end it becomes a popularity contest, with Copper Canyon and Desert Rain the prom king and queen.  Still others will be retired and not revisited until next December 28th; this is where the sadness comes in, yet it’s short-lived as we contemplate the excitement of the new collections that will debut this year.

In the end, what we really want is for you to love our candles.  To decorate with them and allow their scent and glow to welcome guests into your home; to feel proud to give them as gifts; to add romantic unscented candlelight to your table, whether it’s a quiet dinner for two, a family celebration, as part of your wedding centerpiece, or in your restaurant.    

We pour amazing candles, be sure to let us know which are your favorites and what new candles you would like us to make.  While you’re here, please like us on Facebook, mention us @armadillawax in a tweet, re-pin our photos or give us a +1.

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