Thursday, December 27, 2012


Winter weddings call for a special creativity when it comes to table decor. Simple white snowflake candles are very romantic and white is so easy to accent with other colors. 
As we are often told, and sometimes experience, opposites 
do seem to be attracted to each other. 

The idea of using floating candles in your centerpiece is 
a perfect example of opposites - Fire and Water! 
And so intriguing - flames flickering and floating and casting fabulous rainbows throughout the water... Add the unexpected design of floating snowflake candles and your centerpiece becomes a magical display. 

After all, snowflakes are ice crystals that became frozen into different shapes and sizes depending on the temperature on their journey to earth. 
Snowflakes are unique - no two are ever alike. 

We all have an image of a snowflake in our mind, which is where the inspiration for our snowflake candles came from. Scientists look for patterns and codes to explain our world and we have seen incredible photographs of snowflakes, but in spite of serious study, they still hold our fascination and a certain mystery for us every winter. Aside from troubling winter conditions as snowflakes gather into snowdrifts and icy roads, snowflakes are a wondrous and quieting thing to watch and consider.

Here at the Armadilla Wax Works candle factory in Prescott Valley, the tri-city area of Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley, does experience winter snowstorms. Prescott is often referred to as the Mile High City - slightly higher than the valley areas. Looking out my window today, I watch snowflakes drifting down. Very romantic! 

Consider snowflake candles this winter - beautiful and simple for winter weddings. 

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