Thursday, January 17, 2013

Creating a Tropical Escape

Having moved to Arizona from Kauai three winters ago, this week has been a bit challenging for me weather-wise.  I hit this point every winter where I think Enough!  I’m ready for spring.  And though I’m an advocate of living in the moment, last night I went home and created my own tropical paradise.  

Armadilla Wax Works Floating Hibiscus Candle

 At first I thought I would go with a spring theme and simply turn up my heater, light a few floating flower candles and eat a picnic dinner on a blanket in the family room.  Well, my idea grew and blossomed, and before I knew what was happening I had recreated Kauai right there in my home.  

I started my potpourri burner with a combination of wax potpourri we call Tropical Escape, which is a few pieces each of Plumeria, Tropical Fruit and Sand Dune scents.  I let that melt for a bit so the scent would fill the room, and I filled the bathtub with perfectly warm water and a bit of unscented bath salts.   

Armadilla Wax Works Floating Pansy Candle

I set a couple of the large Hibiscus floating candles into glass candle bowls and then a put medium Pansy floating candle in a smaller glass vase, and lit them all.  

I set up my laptop to play ocean sounds so I could hear the waves hitting the shoreline and the occasional bird call, and then I slid into the bathtub.  The water was balmy and buoyant with the bath salt, the Tropical Escape scent filled the room, and the candlelight from the floating flowers was a perfect place to focus.  I could feel myself drifting from the mountains of Arizona to the island of Kauai almost immediately.  After about 45 minutes I was completely calm, focused and ready to return from my escape.  

The candles still have hours of burn time left, and the potpourri can be re-melted repeatedly, so next time I’m feeling cold and homesick – or just in need of an island moment – I know where to find paradise.  As an added bonus, I was feeling so tropical that I whipped up a batch of teriyaki sauce, so tonight’s dinner…teriyaki chicken with grilled pineapple!

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