Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Decorate a Wax Luminary

This type of simple decorative centerpiece is appropriate for a family dinner or other casual party. 

Wax Luminaries and candle glass
Burgundy Rosettes

First, choose your container and materials.  We are using a 7" Column Wax Luminary, burgundy rosettes, white ribbon and a bit of floral bead.

Wrap the ribbon loosely around the Luminary, and tie a large bow.  The bow does not need to be perfect as you will be re-tying later.  Then separate your rosettes into individual pieces and begin twining the stem around the ribbon.  Continue twining each individual rosette, 10-12 pieces works well on this size of a container, until you are satisfied with the design.

Add a string or two of floral bead and re-tie your bow.  


The center of the Wax Luminary contains an innovative design with an interior stone that allows a votive glass or a paraffin insert to be placed inside without burning through the Luminary.  This allows the Wax Luminary to be used for years if cared for properly.  Center the votive, in a votive glass, on this stone and your arrangement is complete.

Light the votive and enjoy your Wax Luminary!

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