Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Perfect Wedding Candle

Round floating candle 
It's so interesting how this simple candle has become a staple for restaurants, wedding planners, florists and other designers.  One of he benefit of this candle is that it floats, allowing the flame to reflect off both the water and the candle glass, creating a sparkle you won't find without all of the elements combined.  

Round floating candles in glass

It's versatile and humble in white and ivory, able to coordinate with any color combination and showcase the flowers or other decor while not calling attention to itself.  

Thee Wedding Warehouse round floating candles
Photo courtesy of Thee Wedding Warehouse


And in color (oh the fun colors we have available!) it adds that special note of contrast or coordination.  The candle can be used to emphasize one color of a multi-toned palette, or to carry over a color from the tablecloth or other decor.   

Check back in with us for some exciting DIY ideas and photos over the next two weeks!  We will give you some great examples of how to set the mood you're looking for on Valentine's Day - whether it's romantic or fun or playful, we'll walk you through it step by step!

More Armadilla Wax Works Candles can be seen at Thee Wedding Warehouse


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