Friday, January 4, 2013

Wax Recycling Program - Our Hug to the Earth

Many of our customers have raved about the quality of our candles, and the fact that they burn so long.  A few of our event customers, hotels and restaurants noted that after a shorter event they still had quite a bit of wax left.  And in fact, some of them felt guilty about discarding even the smallest remnants of wax – and we understand, we love our wax too!

In response, we created Armadilla’s We Loved it Once, We’ll Love it Again Program.  That’s AW LOW LAP for short, but you can just call it wax recycling.   
Here’s how it works: 
  • Customers buy our white or ivory candles for weddings, events or guest rooms.
  • After the event they remove stickers, glue, beads, jewels, feathers or other adornments.
  • They put the clean remnants back into the box, and when the box is full, they attach the pre-paid label and then leave the shipment for FedEx to pick up.
  • In order to best serve our customers, we accept any clean, white or ivory wax - even if it's not Armadilla Wax - except for soy wax.  

    We recycle the wax, filtering it carefully at our factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
    We then use it to pour our dipper candles, which thousands of young children - and the young at heart - dip into colored wax at our stores to create a custom decorative candle.

    A portion of recycled wax is also used in our wax luminaries, which makes them a fabulous green product because not only are they made with  this partially recycled wax, they are also specially designed to be utilized many times.

    One of our wedding customers, +Blume Events LLC in Mesa, sends all of their partially burned candles from the weddings and events they coordinate to be recycled.  And +Bacara Resort & Spa sends back their partially burned candles from their guest rooms for us to recycle as well.  
    We are all looking for green and sustainable ways to do business.  When you're searching for a great candle and want to work with a company that makes eco-friendly choices, look no further!


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