Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Family Business since 1971

     You may have noticed the title on our web page ~ Armadilla Wax Works Candle Factory Store, Candlemakers since 1971. I sometimes call it: 1971b.c. = before children or before computers.  In the early  years, we learned how a business works and how to craft wax into an art form. The material itself lends itself to endless possibilities. 
     Beginning with 3 foot tall Super Taper candles (yes, they really were 3 feet tall and dripped different colors as they burned, creating a wax sculpture) we later moved on to detailed, perfectly formed Sand Cast candles - remember those?  
Setting up Sand Cast candles at the Tempe Crafts Fair 
       Kent (above) is the handsome genius behind it all ~ developing techniques to create new original molds and finishes, then and now. Artist and master craftsman. 

Son, Dan pouring pine cone candles.
     Son +Charlie Buttermann arrived on the scene in 1978 and twin bothers +Dan Buttermann and +Matt Buttermann in 1984.  This is Dan above, pouring pine cone candles at the candle factory in the '90's.  If you have been to the candle store in Prescott or in Flagstaff, you might recall having seen this photo on the wall. Sometimes it was hard to get a photo without someone making a silly face.  This is a rare image indeed!                                         

   Thank you ~ to all of our family, friends and friends of Armadilla from Tempe to Prescott; 1971-2013!  

Here we are at the candle factory in Prescott Valley, 2013.

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