Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Candle Gift Buying Guide

We are often asked which candle has the most romantic scent, or which is best to say "I like you a lot," without bumping over into "I love you,"  or which candle is a nice appreciation gift.  Truth be told, a lot of it is individual preference, but we do have some recommendations based on both personal experience and that of our customers.

Midnight Bloom, hands down, is the most romantically scented candle we make.  If your goal is to convey "I'm head over heels in love with you," the lush purple Shades candle with its dusky, earthy floral scent blended with a touch of magic, whispers of love in many languages. 

Pomegranate Ginger speaks of an enduring love.  You'll want to give this candle to the one you intend to spend the rest of your life with!  The Shades of red, combined with the pomegranate, citrus and a bit of spicy ginger will keep you in their thoughts indefinitely.

Starry Night is a playful scent that definitely says "I like you," without jumping right into love.  So whether it's your first date or your 50th, this deep blue Shades candle with its clean, fun fragrance will bring a bit of joy into their heart.  

With all these things in mind, it's good to think about what the person you're gifting the candle to enjoys. 

Do they linger over a glass of wine on their deck while watching the sunset?   You may want to consider Wine Country or Mountain Vineyard.

If a really good cup of tea or coffee is more their style, they will flip for Phoenix Morning Tea or Cafe Latte.


Outdoors-y types whose weekends are spent hiking the canyon or walking the mountain trails may fall in love with Northwoods, Ponderosa Pine or Copper Canyon.

Those who enjoy gardening have an affinity for our Orange Mint, Herb Garden and Lemongrass fragrances. 

If a weekend of complete relaxation is their idea of perfection, Lavender or Vanilla Sandalwood candles are the perfect gift!

There are many, many more fragrance collections to choose from, and our advice would be to consider both what you are trying to convey with the gift as well as what the recipient most enjoys.  

Remember that candles handmade right here in the USA are always received with pleasure!  Happy Gifting!

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