Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fragrant Memories: Northwoods

You’re walking through a pristine forest.  Sunlight finds its way through the branches to create a fluid kaleidoscope on the forest floor, yet the air is crisp, and even with the dappled sunlight you’re grateful to be wearing a sweatshirt.  The pine needles crackle under your feet, causing a rabbit to dart into your path and hop quickly off unto the underbrush.   

A breeze sways the branches overhead and brings with it the scents of the forest: Pine trees, the icy clear water flowing in the creek, moss and forest grasses.  They all meld together to create the unmistakable fragrance found in moments of woodsy solitude.   We call this fragrance Northwoods, and it’s available in our 3x4, 3x6, 4” Ball and 6x4 Fragrance Layer candles.  

Armadilla Wax Works…creating and recreating memories through fragrance.  Made in Arizona, beloved around the planet!

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