Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing...Citrus Blossom!

     If you close your eyes while you're experiencing our new Citrus Blossom Votives and Wax Potpourri, you will feel you've been transported to a balmy spring evening in Phoenix walking amidst an orange grove.  You may feel the urge to break into song...that's okay, go with it!  Add in a dance step or two, because spring is on its way my friends.  

     Citrus blossom is an energizing scent that's great for countering fatigue and clearing brain fog.  It's refreshing and uplifting!  Try a bit of this potpourri in your office, place a mesh bag of it in your car to make your commute more positive, or light some votives in the early evening for a quick pick-me-up.  

    Let us know how you enjoy them, and thanks so much for being Armadilla Wax Works fans!

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