Thursday, April 25, 2013

Votive candles are a classic favorite for candle lovers. Originally, and still used as, a special candle that is lit to symbolize a religious ceremony, remembrance or prayer in honor of someone. Today, votive candles are the building blocks of the candle store. You can light a candle at home in honor of YOU sometimes. Why "burn that candle at both ends" all of the time, anyway? (Had to use it.) Treat yourself to a nice candle now and then. 

The first thing to decide is if you want just candlelight or candlelight with fragrance. We suggest that dinner at home or at a restaurant feels just a bit more special with a little candlelight - don't you agree? Unscented candles are a good choice. 

If you are looking for candles and fragrance, scented votives are a great way to add the romantic touch of candlelight along with your favorite fragrance. Honestly, describing fragrance is like trying to describe color - it's so personal, it's just ridiculous. You know immediately when something has a great aroma, like flowers or spices, or like something baking in the oven. Sometimes fragrance can remind us of a special event or even a place. A facial powder compact always reminds me of my Grandma. Recreating that feeling is that unique characteristic of fragrance. There are fragrance designers just like there are clothing designers. Maybe not something you have given much thought to - but that hint of fragrance in your favorite soap or shampoo - somebody had to create it - right? 

Most fragrance manufacturing companies design fragrances for foods, perfumes and lotions and, of course, candles. Yes, there are different types of fragrances depending on the application, different levels of quality depending on the manufacturer. Ever hear that phrase "cheap perfume"? Don't go there.

When you really think about it, you are treating yourself well when you choose a fragrance that is "you" and a well made candle for yourself and your family. Sometimes scented candles are even used in business offices to help customers feel calm and welcome. Candlelight may just be good for you in a general sort of way, when you dim a few electric lights and light a candle or two, the soft light has a calming effect. What do we see in movies when the guy wants to set a romantic mood? He lights candles!

Here are some tips to get the maximum experience from your votive candles.  
1) Make sure you always burn your candles in a votive cup because votives are designed to liquefy as they burn and the cup collects all of that liquid wax to give you the full burn time. You want to make sure they won’t drip on any furniture or household belongings. 
2) Before you light your candle, make sure you remove the label from the bottom and the little metal tab from the previous candle at the bottom of the votive cup. 
3) If you still have a little wax left in the bottom of the cup: try freezing it for 15 minutes and you will be able to chip the remaining wax out easily - OR - put the votive cup in a warm water bath and pretty soon that wax will soften so you can wipe it out. 
4) This is THE most important tip: NEVER LEAVE A LIT CANDLE UNATTENDED. Even with a votive candle contained in a votive cup, don't light it and leave it. Pay attention to your lit candles!
5) Remember when you choose your votive candles, choose handcrafted quality. Armadilla Wax Works has many awesome scents, colors, and they burn for 15 hours at a time. Many fragrances are "designer" blends made exclusively for us. Nobody else has Desert Rain or Midnight Bloom!
So pick your favorite, follow these tips and enjoy!

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