Sunday, June 23, 2013

A natural wonder ~ floating flower and pool candles!

  A natural wonder ~ floating pool candles.

It's patio time and backyard parties on the deck time and weddings under the stars time.
We have been getting a ton of orders lately for our floating pool candles. All of our #wax luminary candles are refillable and reusable and glow beautifully whether used on the walkway or the centerpiece.
What's so fun about #floating pool candles is the combination of fire and water together. Sounds a little crazy but they are so beautiful.
TIP: Be sure to turn off the pool or spa filter, other wise they will all gather together by the side. If using out on a lake, be sure to tether them to the shore with clear fishing line so you can retrieve them at the end of the night! We recommend using a votive cup and votive candle so they will glow brightly but if you have the paraffin oil cartridges they will be OK. As candle makers, we simply can't recommend the battery operated fake candle flames - yuck.                                         
Cool off in the evening - turn off the electric lights and light a few glowing floating candle for a COOL effect! 

Looking for something a little more - dramatic? 
Waterlily and Hibiscus floating flower candles are just the thing!

The Hawaiian Hibiscus floating flower candle is 5" across and burns up to 16 hours! it will burn out the center of the candle leaving a cavity to add a small replacement candle for the next time. They are unscented - perfect for parties. 
TIP: If used in a backyard pond, be sure there are no over-hanging plants. 
Never burn candles unattended - even floating candles.

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