Sunday, June 2, 2013

Refresher Course - Wax Potpourri

Refresher Course
We’ve all come to appreciate fresh, clean fragrances in our home.  In fact, we associate certain fragrances with places, experiences and people. The truth is that an aroma is the first thing to trigger a memory, affect our behavior or change our mood. Perfumes are used in all cultures.
What it comes down to is we know what we know – what we remember fondly makes us feel better. There are scientific studies for everything, but fragrance is a big deal for us humans – we know when food smells bad and we know when our dinner is burning on the stove; when we stand next to a heavily perfumed person in an elevator that makes us start to sneeze and count the floors; clean babies and fresh laundry are delightful  Citrus scents like grapefruit, oranges or lemons bring upon a feeling of energy;  lavender  is known to be relaxing – what is your favorite fragrance?
In the old days, potpourri was simply a collection of preserved herbs, flowers and fragrant plants gathered in a vase or wooden bowl to perfume the dusty, musky smells of life without indoor plumbing. The traditional potpourri, still available today, is a decorative art form of various textures, dried plants, fruits and flowers, barks or other materials with added fragrance, blended by the designer, to saturate these materials and add a gentle fragrance to the room.

Wax potpourri is an ideal way to provide a strong long lasting fragrance for your home or office space. Fragrances, designed specifically to bond with paraffin, are added to decorative molded pieces of wax. These pieces can be combined, like the dried mixtures, and displayed in a basket, tucked away in a corner of the room for a gentle aroma. The wax is strongly scented so a few pieces will deliver fragrance for weeks. The wax may be melted and re-melted in the top cavity of a “steamer” with a low candle flame below or a small electric  melter with preset temperature settings (kind of like a mini crock pot) to release even more fragrance as the wax is melted. We have been making wax potpourri for over 25 years. We sold literally tons of potpourri for many years to Wicks and Sticks stores – remember those candle shops  – typically located in major malls across the country?
Become a fragrance designer - Mixing fragrances makes it your personal recipe and you can change your scents to provide a new and different experience. All melters, whichever style you choose, needs to be placed on a heat resistant, flat surface for safety. Candlelit melters cast an agreeable ambiance in any space – remember, never leave a burning candle unattended – and place a safe distance from curious children or pets .  
After selecting the burner that is appropriate for your home, it’s time to choose the fragrances you would like. Typically when burning potpourri you only need three or four pieces to melt at a time. Because of the nature of #wax potpourri it’s easy to combine scents to and make a new #fragrance. Some scent combinations we suggest are: Clean Cotton: Snowy Night + Cool Water!

Love Potion                                        Citrus Magic                                      Grandma’s Kitchen
Vanilla                                                   Citrus Blossom                                      Cinnamon Roll
Pomegranate Ginger                              Orange Cinnamon                                 Gingerbread
Midnight Bloom                                    Vanilla                                                   Sugar Cookie
Day at the Beach                              Mountain Sangria                          Flower Box
Cool Water                                         Nectarine Sangria                                Plumeria
Sand Dune                                          Mountain Vineyard                             Spanish Mos
Of  course you are always welcome to pick one favorite scent and stick with it. Coffee lovers would be interested in Caramel Coffee. Anyone looking for a clean scent might try Desert Rain. Regardless of your choice you are sure to love your wax potpourri for many days to come.

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