Friday, July 12, 2013

Communicate with Candlelight ~ Floating Sunflower Candles

Sunflowers are - well - you know - wonderful. They bring a smile to your face every time you see them growing in a wild garden or reaching out to you over a picket fence. Natural golden colors against a bright blue sky. It's easy to get a little poetic. When you're planning a classy country wedding or family reunion, consider a candle centerpiece with sunflower floating candles. Handcrafted sunflowers are made in our own molds at the candle factory in Prescott Valley, AZ ~ I guarantee we have made thousands of these beauties.
Too pretty to burn? - don't be silly!
Our candles are made to do their work - the 3" will burn up to 6+ hours and the mini size will burn over 3 hours. 
Natural colors seem to go with so many accent colors 
like bright red or denim blue or even green. 
Let your creativity glow!
 Let everyone know how you feel - candlelight speaks volumes about welcome and friendship.  
How to use floating candles - grab a glass bowl or cylinder. Add room temperature water. Pinch the wick and gently lower the candle in to the water. Light and enjoy! We like glass because it reflects the candle flames throughout the water so beautifully.
Glass cylinders are nice to use out doors because you can lower the water level where the candles will float and the glass protects the flames from gentle breezes.
Floating candles, made by Armadilla Wax Works are unscented so there is nothing but the glow to enchant your guests and no fragrance to interfere with the delicious aromas of your dinner.

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