Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Leaf

One of my favorite films, "A New Leaf" written and directed by Elaine May from 1971, is a romantic comedy starring Elaine May and Walter Matthau who discover they are perfect for each other after she discovers a new fern species and in honor of her husband, names the discovery after him. So romantic.

Looking for something different for your fall centerpiece this year? 

How about a NEW Leaf?  
Floating Fall Leaf candles.
Unscented,3" diameter(approx.)

We bet you have a vintage container somewhere around the house that you can use for a fall centerpiece! Fall leaf candles are hand dipped in random colors so no two are alike. Mix and match FALL LEAVES with our Pumpkins for a simply stunning centerpiece.
Farmer's markets are filled with delicious local produce and we'll start to see corn festivals and pumpkin festivals. The Prescott area is at a 5,000 ft elevation and we will see fall colors soon on the trees.
#Local First is a non-profit organization here in Arizona promoting local retailers, special events, artists and craftspeople. As a member, we are happy to let people know that Armadilla Wax Works has been making candles here since 1971 and we open the candle factory in Prescott Valley to school tours and visitors to learn a little about candle making and to dip their own candle!

Autumn Spice candles are now in stock!
One of our most popular fall candles! Be sure to order your fall candles from Armadilla Wax Works for de-LIGHT-ful centerpiece creation. You can do it - candlelight makes everything beautiful.

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