Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Judson the "Pumpkin Dog" on the job at the candle factory.

Judson, our golden retriever, often comes to the candle factory to hang out. Most of the time he is a greeter in the candle factory store, sleeping somewhere in between his "work". He agreed to pose for this photo! 
I love the extended drape of the silk fall leaf garland. You may be lucky enough to be able to bring a pet to work - if not, a pet is such a wonderful greeter when you get home!
They seem to help us keep things in perspective.

So - let's talk about Pumpkins!                                        
Heading out to a local pumpkin festival this weekend or maybe early next month? It's tempting to choose big pumpkins for the front porch or steps. How about picking up a few smaller sizes to create a fall display in the family room or dining room table? Fill a vintage bowl, or whatever you like, with some water and a few floating pumpkin candles and before you can say Ichabod Crane, you have created a beautiful centerpiece for a family dinner!  Invite a few friends for pumpkin soup - you know - show off your creation! Our pumpkin candles are unscented so the aromas of your meal take center stage!

Looking for a wonderful scented candle? This time of the year our best fragrance is Autumn Spice. It's one of our own blends - kind of a secret - but you can sense a bit if cinnamon and sweet fruit. 

 Candlelight adds warmth and welcome to your home with such simplicity - a finishing touch to a marvelous meal; a thoughtful "thank-you" gift.

Tuck a few pumpkin and autumn spice candles into your welcome basket for a new neighbor (along with your homemade jam).
Looking for long lasting luminary candles for the carved pumpkins? Call the candle factory - we actually designed a luminary candle that burns brightly and lasts all evening long (maybe two) for luminary bags or inside the carved pumpkins. 928-772-1898. They are about 2" wide x 1" tall so it is stable shape. The wick is a little larger so you will get a brighter glow. 
Pumpkin floating candles make a de-LIGHT-ful centerpeice.


Everything doesn't have to be perfect all the time, you know. Just have fun this fall with some home grown, hand crafted, home made goodness! 

If it's made at home -it's home made - that's what I like to say - so what if you take a little help from the grocery store, a local baker or the candle(stick) maker.
And I always know that Judson will be there to help take care of any crumbs that fall on the floor.

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