Sunday, October 20, 2013

Candle Factory Insight

                      People often ask us how we got started making candles. 
Candles are a special category all their own because they are the result of a combination of earth~wax, wind~air, fire~flame and in the case of our #floating candles, water! Plus, they must do their job of giving 
us light and ambiance and romance and maybe fragrance. A little candle has to do a big job!

What started out as experimenting with the materials has evolved over the years as we gathered experience and creative ideas. One thing lead to another - 36" tall drippy taper candles somehow evolved into elegant sand cast candles which lead to the delicate decorative designs you see today. Master candle maker and founder, Kent Buttermann, created the signature textured finish on the #pillar candles just a few years ago and continues to refine the pouring techniques, quality details and wax formulas.
Slabs of highly refined white paraffin wax.

Candle making is really a 
combination of science and creativity. 
Out of the details of making sure the cotton woven braided wick burns the right diameter for the size of the candle and the fragrance choices are perfect, emerges a candle that you will 
enjoy to use and give as a gift.     

Spools of tightly woven cotton braided wick.
Everything is carefully measured and weighed so that we achieve the right color every time depending on the amount of wax to be melted for the days work.

Taking good care of your tools is always an important part of the process and we have tools that are still in use even after many, many years at the candle factory. We have more wax scrapers than we can count - they're everywhere!

This old guy to the left has offered many
years of service to weigh
out the wax! 

He still works just fine - thank you!

~~~   we make these 

 so you can make these  ~~~

Thank you for reading our candle factory blog and we hope you
will be inspired to create illuminating candle centerpiece designs for the upcoming holidays. 

A little candle has a big job to do and we guarantee that our candles
will shine brightly for your special events.

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