Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dazzling Candle Centerpiece Ideas

floating round red candles
Looking for a simple way to create a dazzling centerpiece for your party? Have you tried floating candles - yet?
1. Gather a few simple accessories.
     A centerpiece often starts with a centering piece like a               charger plate - a mirror - a napkin ....
2. I like odd numbers like 3's and 5's - somehow it works!
    Will the centerpiece be viewed 360 or from one side?
3. Create interest by using different heights. Glass is often
    the best choice because you will get reflections of the
    candle flames through the water.
4. Add accessories to the glass containers and/or wrap
    around the cylinders or whatever you are using. Honestly,
    you can use water glasses, wine glasses, votive cups...
5. Fill with tepid temperature water to the level you want the
    candles to float; gently lower the candles in to the water
    by pinching the wick. LIGHT and ENJOY!
The candle centerpiece on the right was EASY!
1. Look closely and you will see a glass pie plate
    is the base!
2. Have a couple of terracotta pots around? Get
    out the spray paint - I used metallic gold.
3. Paper doilies are easy to find - sometimes at
    the grocery store - stuffed into the pots.
3. Add the glass cylinders decorated with a few
     odds and ends - a holiday pick, fancy ribbon
     saved from a gift package - whatever you like
     that coordinates to your theme or decor!
4. Tuck in a few accents here and there.
5. Fill with water; LIGHT and ENJOY!
Check out bulk prices on white or ivory round floating
candles on our web site. Keep a bunch around in the
party pantry - decor drawer - shoe box in the closet...
It's so easy to have fun with floating candles. Depending on the
theme or colors for your party, you can make it all your own.
1. The centerpiece is a little bouquet of silk flowers. Of course
     you can use a little vase or a cup filled with flowers or even
     cuttings from your garden.
2. Coordinate a theme with ribbons tied around the cylinders
    and casually draped around the flower vase, reaching out and
    around little cups with mini floating candles - or votive candles.
3. This display would be viewed from one side, but if you need
    it to be viewed from all sides, just continue the circle of small
    cups all around.
4. Make sure there are no accessories , ribbons or flowers
    overlapping where the candle flames will be!
5. Add water; gently lower the candles in to the water by simply
    pinching the wick; LIGHT and ENJOY!

At the end of the evening, just pour out the water and the remains of the candles will flow out. Always use
fresh clean water each time so your centerpiece is sparkling and dazzling. Using simple glass containers
is a good idea because they can be added to the dish washer and you will have shiny clean glass for the
next party. 3" round candles burn approximately 6-7 hours; 1.75" diameter burn approximately 4-5 hours.

YES - you can use the same ideas for outdoor entertaining by lowering the level of the water and thus the location of the candle in the cylinder for example, so the candle flames are protected from gentle outdoor breezes. Armadilla Wax Works also designs and produces luminary candle vessels and we have two designs that are meant to float in the pool! These are perfect for patio parties, especially wonderful this time of the year with the incredible weather in the Southwest.

Happy New Year and Happy Decorating with 
easy to use floating candles 
made in the USA since 1971.

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