Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"LightHearted" ~ floating heart candles make a de-LIGHT-ful centerpiece in minutes.

Too cold to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day? Create a lovely, romantic centerpiece with a few accessories and floating heart candles! Here's a few simple how to's...
You can use almost anything for the container for floating
candles - a little cup at single place settings or a cut glass
serving bowl from the sideboard. The container needs
to have an opening that does not cross over the candle
flame. A wide opening is best. Fill the container with tap
water (not cold, just room temperature). Pinch the wick.
Gently lower the candle into the water. Light and enjoy!
     At the end of the evening, just pour out the water
     and the remains of the candles will flow out.
     We recommend using fresh water each time you
     use floating candles so they really sparkle and
     glow. If you use clear or even light colored glass,
     you will start to see reflections of the candle
     flames through the water and the glass. You
    never know exactly how it will look but if the
    glass is decorative, you may also see reflections
    on the table top as well. You can try coffee cups,
    wine glasses, custard cups - we like a mix and
    match look with colors, shapes, sizes - it just
    looks so interesting and personal. You created
    a dazzling candle centerpiece in minutes. Add a
    special touch to your special dinner or party.
    Even though the candles are in water, never leave
    a burning candle unattended.
Our floating hearts are unscented and burn up to 4 hours.
    You might like to add floating roses to the design.
    We have two sizes - 3" and the 1.25" sizes.
    Armadilla Wax Works designs and manufactures
    all of the candles on the web site at the candle
    factory in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Making
    candles since 1971.
Visit the web site: or Shop Local in Flagstaff or in Prescott.    Thanks!

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