Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Floating Rose Candles for centerpieces, receptions and thoughtful gifts.

Floating Rose Candles
Roses are the most popular flower in the world. They have held that stature for a long time as the painting of roses dates back to the bronze age. (?)
The list of occasions when roses are included is simply endless.

New from the Armadilla Wax Works candle factory in Prescott Valley are the detailed floating rose candles in two sizes, 6 colors and offered with garden rose scent or unscented.
Choose SCENTED ~ with a wonderful garden rose scent ~ when you want to bring the aroma of the rose garden indoors, the Garden Rose fragrance will fill the room.

Choose UNSCENTED ~ for color and candlelight ~ when you want lots of gorgeous floating rose candles without fragrance, on occasions when entertaining a large number of guests in a banquet setting.

Design your garden party with floating candles as the centerpiece, hostess gifts, wedding attendants' thank you gifts...

Plan your party! Can you even begin to imagine a Kentucky Derby Day party without bowls of Garden Rose floating candles? We can’t. 

Choose a lovely glass container and add room temperature water. Pinch the wick and gently lower the candle into the water. Light and enjoy your beautiful centerpiece. Long burning candles will last the length of your party. Mix and match colors for a bouquet of color and dancing candlelight. How easy is that?!

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