Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peace through music, and candlelight.

With our recent blog post about our new Orchid Floating candles and exotic places, travel and meeting new people is on our minds especially this time of the year. 

If you have not heard about the non profit organization, Playing for Change, let me introduce you.
Founded in 2002 by Mark Johnson with the simple idea of peace and connecting the world through music.The foundation is "dedicated to building music and art schools for children around the world, and creating hope and inspiration for the future of our planet."

The link on the logo below will take you to the web site and where you can choose from and listen to 94 episodes of incredible music played by musicians from all over the world. Recorded on street corners, in alleyways, on roof tops, fields and studios, you will fall in love with the music. Playing for Change "Connecting the world through music." Enjoy ~ and join! 


 Let's talk about floating candles! The magic, of floating candles on the water, is in the combination of natural elements - fire and water. The flame seems to dance before our eyes and the water reveals surprising and amazing reflections.

Hibiscus floating candle for pool or pond.
Ceremonial floating candles in India.

Floating candlelight on the water is not a new idea. Often used for ceremonies and celebrations around the world, candle light is a symbol of love and peace as it offers light and warmth and a quiet time to reflect. In our busy, information-rich age, sometimes it's a good idea to "unplug" and light a candle, sing a song, you know, "chill". We hope that our candles help you to do that now and then.

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