Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gorgeous fall colors ~ fall in love with fall candles!

Add a spot of color and candlelight to your fall centerpiece decor with beautiful autumn colors in 3" round floating candles and 15 hour votive candles.

You CAN create a wonderful centerpiece with a few simple choices.
Start with a few glass cylinders or other glass shapes you might have in the kitchen.
Fill with room temp water to the level you want.
Add a few silk or natural accents to the water or around the containers.
Gently add floating candles to the water, light and enjoy! 
Looking for just a little color and candlelight here and there? Look to votive candles in fall colors for those little accents. All of the candles made by the Armadilla Wax Works are hand crafted and solid color throughout - not over dipped. The fall collection includes unscented fall leaves, votives, round colour spots, acorns, pumpkins, sunflowers and maple leaves. So much fun!
Everybody loves warm fall colors and candlelight to welcome family and friends. Thanks for choosing quality candles made in Arizona by the Armadilla Wax Works since 1971.

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