Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Floating Candles add sparkle to your centerpiece!

Floating Snowflake candles
Let the party season begin. 
Set the table with a sparkling centerpiece with your favorite glass bowl or cups - what ever you like - + floating candles.
    Here's how to create a personal centerpiece with "something old" something new, ..."
No worries - the candle flames are in the center of the candle ~ the heat goes straight up - no contact with the glass container at all.

* Fill with warm water and maybe a few accents in the water or around the container. Pinch the wick and gently lower your candle into the water ~ light and enjoy! 
* At the end of the evening, just pour out the contents of the container and the remains of the candle(s) will flow out. Dry out your container and it's ready for the next party!

Looking for something a little different? Try our fanciful designs like #snowflakes, mistletoe poinsettias and holly leaves. Floating candles are designed to burn about 7+ hours - plenty of time for the party! You can choose scented or unscented. If you are having a dinner party you might prefer unscented so the candle scents do not interfere with the aromas of the dinner.
Mistletoe Floating Candles

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