Saturday, January 17, 2015

Roses, Daisies and Sunflowers to bring a bright cheerful look to a cloudy day!
We still have several weeks of winter but the thought of spring  - ahhhh. Get a head start with flowers! 

The trend today is in combining vintage with new. Refurbished tables, vintage tablecloths, mix and match dinner plates and added touches of personal favorites as accents.

This is great news because there's no way to make a mistake - everything "goes" together. As you know we specialize in floating candles and encourage you to try different designs and colors - mix and match #roses with #daisies! For a dinner party, we suggest unscented candles and for gifts, go with floral scented flowers or garden rose scented roses. 

Candles are de-LIGHT-ful gifts and last longer than a bouquet of flowers, although both are simply lovely! Perfect for "thank-you" gifts, birthdays and special occasions all year, candles are always welcome and appreciated.

Grab a big bowl out of the pantry, fill part of the way with water, add a few accents to the water if you like, gently lower the floating candles into the water and just like that - centerpiece!

 Bring some sunshine to a cloudy day with, of course, Sunflower candles. Set a cheerful table with a big bowl filled with glowing candles or, maybe individual cups of water with a single #floating sunflower candle at each place setting!
Looking for a really BIG sunflower for a centerpiece or backyard pool or pond? We make those too! Be sure to see the selection on the web site. 

Thank you so much for shopping local and for your interest in candles made in the USA.

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