Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Candlelight puts the "special" in special events, especially wedding reception parties.
The amazing 3" round candle is your basic building block for a simply elegant centerpiece. This versatile candle can be used in a glass cylinder, nestled in a bed of sand, salt or floating in a glass bowl. 
You'll notice a thin layer of salt in the sand in the cylinder on the left to give it a modern look - other types of "nesting" materials can be used - we suggest a contrasting color such as brown rice or dry black beans, for example, would be striking! You can decide the level of the candle and flame by the depth of the sand. Adding a few accents can be fun and personalize your creation. 

Of course the humble #round candle is 
traditionally used as a floating candle but here we used several flea market finds as candle holders. With or without water, you will see dazzling reflections through the glass. We like different heights and shapes as well in a centerpiece setting or scattered down the length of a dining table. 
Keep it simple with a square glass container loosely wrapped with a ribbon to coordinate with your color theme. Unscented white and ivory candles go with everything!

Below is a dramatic gold bowl discovered in a thrift store that was simply irresistible. This centerpiece would become the center of attention at your party! This big bowl is large enough to hold 4 (or maybe more) candles - the more candle flames to glow through the glass, the better. 
Remember that the candles burn out a circle in the center of the candle and the heat goes straight up so the glass will not be harmed in the least. At the end of the evening, simply pour out the water and the remains of the candles will flow out - dry the glass and it's ready for another party! believe in the quality and integrity of American craftsmanship. 
Our candles are made by hand in our small candle factory in Northern Arizona. 
Every candle is made from original designs that we created using our own molds. 
Artisan craftsmanship lends quality to our candles that cannot be found anywhere else.

We make beautiful hand-poured floating event candles for table-top centerpieces, garden pools and ponds and amazing reusable luminarias.     We share your passion for perfection in every detail.
We ship quickly because the perfect wedding day or special event for your family and friends requires perfect candlelight. #wedding planners are most welcome to contact us to establish an account for your business because you can count on us for great candles and service.

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