Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making sunflowers candles and ideas on how to create a display. Who doesn't love Sunflowers?

One of our most favorite candles and flowers: SUNFLOWERS! So charming and versatile for any season and special occasion.

 Here at the candle factory we make hundreds of sunflowers every week - you see two sizes - a 5" diameter size which is great for a birdbath, pool or big punch bowl - and a 3" diameter that is just right for single place settings or in a group in a centerpiece bowl.
    We took this photo showing how sunflower floating candles can be used in several different types of bowls. It's fun to use flea market finds and mix 'n match your centerpiece!
   When we talk about "hand crafted" ~ the candle factory starts with our own original designs created in molds we have made right at the candle factory. The candles are made by pouring hot wax into the molds with careful attention to timing and the details of the mold. Of course the #sunflowers are two colors - some molds are one color and some are even three colors. We do not use any paint - all of the colors are wax. This is one of the techniques that makes our candles uniquely Armadilla wax Works' designs and quality craftsmanship.


We even take our own photographs of our candles for our web site and store displays.

Taking photographs of floating candles can be a challenge because they sometimes like to float around - they don't stay in one spot for long. We hold our breath and turn off the air conditioning so there are no drafts to cause the flames to flicker when we take the shot. Of course, in your home setting, the flickering candle flames are the added charm of the display sending amazing reflections through out the container and around the room!

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