Sunday, June 21, 2015

Armadilla Artisans studios, workspaces and shops!

You may have heard about "#Shop Local" promotions in your area - keeping your local economy thriving by supporting local independently owned retailers, artists and restaurants. These unique businesses and creative musicians and artists give your community the home town personality that appeals to tourists as well as residents. It makes a real financial impact and encourages a sense of pride when we support our local companies. Businesses that represent a connection to their place for many years. 

The #ArmadillaWaxWorks is one such company. Founded in old town Tempe in 1971 and still designing and making hand crafted candles here in Arizona - we often like to say: Arizona's candle makers since 1971". With loyal customers these many years, the candle store, at the workshop in Prescott Valley, is expanding to welcome artists and crafts people to share spaces with us.     Come see us: 2651 N. Industrial Way, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
We are creating an environment for collaboration and creativity for people who are serious about their work and makers of great stuff. 

We are looking for artists and crafts people who may have out grown their home based studio, kitchen or garage and are looking for more space or maybe just a space that will allow a sort of "incubation" of ideas and a connection with other makers and customers. 

We are proud to showcase the following companies:
POLKA GOAT FARM  - Korie makes simply divine and colorful nourishing soaps and lotions from gentle goat's milk and other natural ingredients.
  Her unique soap making process creates large bars of soap with swirls of colors to coordinate with the fragrance blends. The soap takes several weeks to cure and provides weeks of rich lathering fragrance soap. Using a professional mixer, she makes large batches of lotions that are so nourishing, you only need a small dab to moisturize your dry skin - and honestly, here in Arizona, this is a big deal!      

WEBB'S WEATHERED WOOD - Steve specializes in using reclaimed weathered pallet wood for his hanging garage doors and home decor items. Each door is custom made and his wall plaques and trays are hand crafted with no two items exactly alike.



Hot plate to finish and level pillars.
Votive candle molds.
Here are a few "tools of the trade" that are indispensable to making Armadilla Wax Works' candles. Over the years we have
learned how to use a durable rubber
mold material to create a signature texture or detailed designs.

Pillar candle molds.

All of our candles are hand
poured and we do not use
paints for some of the swirls
of color - everything is wax.

This is one of our most popular #floatingcandles.
This hibiscus candle is 5" diameter, unscented and can be used in a pool, pond or great big punch bowl as a table-top centerpiece. For a tropical summer party theme, our #hibiscus and our #waterlily candles are very beautiful.

Thank you for shopping local and supporting your local artists, crafts people, musicians and restaurants. On behalf of Armadilla Wax Works, Webb's Weathered Wood and Polka Goat Farm ...we thank you!

For information about spaces available, please come by or give us a call: 928-772-1898

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