Monday, August 17, 2015

Orange Cinnamon scented candles are a "delicious" choice for fall.

 Orange Cinnamon

When it gets close to the end of the summer, when school starts, we look for signs of fall - maybe some fashions are appearing in the clothing stores, maybe it's just wishful thinking.  This is one of our most popular fragrance collections actually all year long but certainly this time of the year because of the rusty orange color. Another reason this fragrance blend is so appealing is because it combines two fragrances that were simply meant to be together. 

Our cinnamon is zesty and  true to that aroma when you open a jar of fresh cinnamon sticks. Here in the West, we love citrus - oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes..Our orange fragrance is slightly sweet, just like you expect it to be - with that freshness of a juicy slice of fruit. 

If you love to burn candles, this is the candle collection for you. You might like to try our richly scented wax potpourri to use in your melter pot - you only need a few pieces and our potpourri can be remelted for weeks. 

You may like to scatter several votive candles in little votive cups  throughout the house or even the office. You will notice our signature "fire bead" texture on our pillar candles. This is our artisan touch made right in the individual candle molds. 

Remember to always use heat resistant candle holders and never leave a burning candle unattended. 

These are some of our candle molds - you can see that they are definitely used on a regular basis. We use silicone rubber to make our molds because it is flexible and gives us the opportunity to get the textures and design details we want in our candles. 
We use highly refined paraffin wax and cotton wick - all are coordinated to provide a clean long burning candle.

This is a top view of one of our stainless steel wax melting tanks. Each tank holds several different sizes of inner tanks so we can melt the measured amounts of colors and fragrances for each type of candle. All of our tanks are designed for safety of course, with temperature controls to maintain just the right melting point. 

Our candles are hand crafted - we carefully pour and finish each candle to maintain consistent quality.

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