Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunflowers, Sunflowers, Sunflowers - lovely for fall and just about anytime of the year!
This is a photo I took on a walk around Watson Lake here in Prescott, Arizona. It is a wide meandering watery area with big cottonwood trees and home to migrating birds of all kinds. If you  look closely, jut to the left of the tall sunflower, you will see two white birds - I think they are herons.
There are large fields of the flowers everywhere. 

We sell thousands of our #sunflowercandles to folks all over the country - all year long - I think simply because they bring a smile to your face. They are used sometimes for weddings and make it so easy to create a centerpiece. We make our candles unscented or with a light floral fragrance. 

We not only make candles but we do our own photography. If we didn't make candles, I think we would be happy just wandering around taking pictures! Sunflowers are so much fun to work with. I was excited to find that old washboard with the name "Sunnyland" on the top. 
Such a perfect flea market find. 

That brings me to the idea that you can use just about anything as a container for floating candles. Try vintage glass bowls or...
Make your centerpiece your own personal creation - we lend a hand with lovely candles, you take it from there.
This is our Sunflower display in the candle store - at the candle factory. 

We have been making sunflower floating candles for years and decided to create pillar candles to match! 

The pillar candles are hand poured, naturally, so no two are exactly alike. The bands of brown color may be slightly larger or smaller.

The photo is linked to our web site and the sunflower candle page for your convenience.

This photo was taken back on the candle making table where I piled up lots of candles next to the molds. 

We created the original design years ago and we also made all of the molds so our design will be perfectly detailed with consistent quality. 

The molds are made of silicone rubber and, as you can see, they are really thick. Even so, they are pliable and can withstand the hot wax. 

We make sunflowers every day!

Thank you for choosing American craftsmanship. 
Thank you for choosing Armadilla Wax Works' candles. We appreciate it!

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