Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to make a great candle: New DOUBLE FRAGRANCEtm Pillars.

We have been making candles since 1971. Actually Kent Buttermann and two close friends started the business back then. The candle designs have changed quite a lot over the years from 36" tall dipped taper candles, to sand cast candles to decorator shapes and colors and fragrances.

Over the years we have learned a lot about the various typed of waxes, wicks and quality of fragrances. Candle making is a combination of art and science to create a design that will not only look beautiful but perform beautifully. A candle has a big job to do - burn cleanly, last a long time and deliver gorgeous glowing romantic results.

Candlelight is always welcome and appreciated, no matter the occasion or time of year. Candle trends come and go, just like the drippy 36" tapers and sand cast to choices in today's markets.

You may often see filled container of various sizes and shapes. Many people refer to jar candles as candles. That is where real candle makers have to draw the line. Jar or container candles are fine. But are they real?
As a matter of fact, it takes a good candle maker to produce a well made jar candle - have you ever purchased one and the candle flame is so large it's like scary torch and the wick burns so much liquid wax that the jar gets too hot and cracks? Not good.

It is really important to NEVER LEAVE A BURNING CANDLE UNATTENDED - EVER. It's not OK to light a candle in the bathroom and forget about it. It's not OK to light a candle in the family room and fall asleep in front of the TV.

So with a simple common sense approach, candlelight still gives the most romantic ambiance. Adds a touch of class to dinners and are lovely gifts any time of the year.

Like fashion trends, colors and fragrances have trends all their own. These days fragrance is king again. But today's fragrances are interesting blends carefully crafted to bring layers or "notes" of fragrances together to offer a sophisticated aroma.

Our new DOUBLE FRAGRANCETM pillar candles are really wonderful because we figured out how to increase the fragrance in our formula so you are going to get real true fragrance from start to finish. How to burn a pillar candle? Yes, there is a best way. Start by burning the candle about the same number of hours as the diameter of the candle ~ a 3" candle burns about 3 hours the first time to start the wick on the right path down the candle. Always trim the wick to 1/4" each and every time you relight the candle.

With the inspiration of fall colors, we decided on three most popular fragrances for our new #DoubleFragrance candles - Pumpkin Latte, Apple Crisp and Gingerbread. We know you will love them.

 The background in the photo of the Apple Crisp was provided by Steve Webb. 

His company is part of our candle factory artisans cooperative group of artists and crafts people within the candle factory building. Be sure to see his web site:

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