Sunday, April 3, 2016

Focus and simplify. Candlelight for a relaxing "time-out" time just for you.

Every season is a new opportunity to refresh - ourselves and our home decor, renew friendships and resolutions to just do things differently - maybe better.We make so many different kinds of candles and we are always thinking about new ideas for new fragrances and colors. Sometimes it's nice to focus and simplify. 

This spring we have a new collection of #DoubleFragrance pillar candles that extends to increased scent in our formulas for votives and wax potpourri melts. As candle lovers, we know you share our interest in really great designs, fragrances and fragrance blends.
Candlelight itself is a soothing and relaxing retreat and sending a lovely aroma into the room is icing on the cake - so to speak. For people who like candlelight with no fragrance, we completely understand and offer candle choices with no scent. In fact our floating candles are offered in your choice of scent or no scent. When in doubt about what kinds of candles to buy - keep in mind how they will be used.

We make candles so that they will be burned and deliver a good experience.
Keep it simple with Daisies; design a tropical scene with Orchids; get romantic with Roses; show off a springtime theme with Daffodils.

Love to go to flea markets and collect vintage good stuff?
   You probably have some wonderful containers that would
be perfect for floating candles.
      Mix 'n match is fun!

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