Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cool off by candlelight.

Reusable 5.5" Luminary candles for summer settings.


Ever notice that electric lights, no matter the type of light bulbs, deliver some heat along with light? At the end of the day, a twilight setting seems to feel cooler and of course more romantic. Our suggestion is to continue that idea with candlelight because of the soft glow. Actually candlelight is perfect for summer parties when everyone is gathered together on the deck or patio. 
At the Armadilla Wax Works we have designed two lovely reusable wax luminaria styles that not only create a wonderful centerpiece on a table top but they will float in a pool, pond or birdbath. 

The video above shows how we make the luminary candles in our workshop!

The reason these designs are reusable is because we have inserted a small plaster-like plate in the interior. This holds the candle light source, like a votive candle or t-light, in the center for an even glow and prevents the heat from melting through the bottom of the design. (each candle comes with a votive cup and votive candles - unscented of course.  Pretty cool!
The Deco and Lotus are approx. 5.5"  - we suggest turning off your pool filter system while the candles are used so that they will float freely around the water. Always remove them at the end of the evening.

Looking for an added "wow" factor? Use a few 5.5" Waterlily floating candles in the pool or pond! 

All of our designs are original, made in our own molds. Thanks for shopping local!

The image below is a group of Pink Waterlily
candles just finished in the candle factory. Each one 
is carefully molded and finished by hand and is
shipped in individual boxes. The interior of the 
flower burns a diameter suitable for you to insert
a small t-light into the cavity to use the candle again.

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