Thursday, August 4, 2016

Here in Arizona we are in the monsoon season. Of course we always welcome rain but this time of the year the storms can be a little scary! It sometimes feels like someone turn on a water faucet above and the downpour is like a flood rather than a rain coming down. Something even more strange is that some of the storms may bring hail as well! With dry land, the volumes of water have no chance to soak into the landscape so they start filling up dry creek beds, river beds and canals!

Monsoon clouds over Thumb Butte, Prescott

We have lived in Arizona for many years and the monsoon season does bring some relief from the heat - only to add humidity to the weather! Here in the Prescott and Prescott Valley area we are at a higher elevation than the Phoenix area - we are in a unique landscape with both pine trees and cactus! At over 5,000 feet, this area has a monsoon season, beautiful fall colors and snowy winter days.  I love the twilight time of the day especially after the storm. Here are a few images outside around the house.

Riley age 16 months; AKA Ms.Piggy, Ms.Chocolat


Fall leaf candlesOn a business note - be sure to order your hand-dipped fall leaf candles and plump deLIGHTful pumpkin candles for fall gifts and decorating! Armadilla Wax Works make the best! Thanks!

Fall Pumpkin candles

We now make our pumpkin candles with no scent - best choice when used at the dinner table, and scented with a lovely pumpkin spice fragrance for gift baskets and just a thoughtful "thank you" gift!


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