Friday, January 27, 2017

When the weather outside is frightful, candlelight is so de-LIGHT-ful!
Take those snowy night "blues" and turn them into a sparkling centerpiece idea to spark things up!
Grab a bowl - just about any container that holds water will work - fill about 3/4 full of room temperature water; pinch the wick of the candle and gently lower it into the water and, as the song goes, "come on baby light my fire".

Floating candles are economical and so easy to use. Our candles burn approx. 7 hours - perfect for a romantic evening or a party. We suggest using glass bowls or cups because the candle light will send reflections through the water and the glass! SO pretty! a little "cabin fever"? We still have several more weeks of winter. It's soup for dinner and baking time around the house! But - here's an idea: Instead of real cinnamon rolls - maybe light a cinnamon roll candle - all of the aromas with none of the calories!

Here's a couple of photos taken around here just so you don't feel like you're the only one with snow covering everything and making the roads icy! 

The Prescott and Prescott Valley area is at a 5,000 +/- FT elevation so we get 4 real seasons of the year. 
Unlike the Phoenix area, and on south to the border, with only two main seasons wonderful (like now) and hot (summertime) our area is still designated a desert so we have a unique combination of pine trees and cactus growing next to each other! 
These icicles look downright dangerous! but beautiful!
 Winter time can prove to be an interesting time to photograph natural scenes - if your fingers don't freeze off and your camera survives. We love to take our own photographs - not just of the candles - but it's a nice day when you can just wander around taking pictures! 
Last fall I noticed a bobcat wandering across the driveway! I'm not sure if this will show him very well but I did manage to grab a camera and give it a try.

Some folks who live back East have never seen Javalina. Lots of them live around here. They usually travel together in small families. Babies of course are pudgy and cute. But these older ones are gnarly prehistoric looking creatures with bad tempers - and really dumb! They love to destroy everybody's gardens, especially tulip bulbs.They can be dangerous, too. Best to stay clear. 
It always surprises me to see a beautiful, crisp clear sky but it's only about 15 degrees outside - so cold. Stay warm and safe this winter and enjoy cozy family evenings - by candlelight! 

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