Monday, June 19, 2017

Greetings from Arizona

Greetings from Arizona

Sometimes just a day with clouds causes you to stop and admire the sky. People around you may think you are just spaced out but that's OK
In an area that is typically so dry it is "crisp", the clouds offer hope for shade and rain. Sometimes they are just a beautiful sight because they cast shadows and give a reminder of just how big the place really is.

These photos were taken around the area off Interstate 17 that runs North and South between Phoenix and Prescott. When the elevation increases from the valley of the sun to about 1800 feet the saguaros start to appear. They only like a certain elevation. The Sonora desert further South around Tucson is lush with plenty of really giant saguaros - they seem to love it there. In our area, we just have a swath of growth - just in a certain area. The Interstate highway is fast paced so, to take photos, it's best to take an off road detour. Not too far off road - remember - these old roads are often really rough and if you forgot to bring water - forget about going off road. Saguaros can thrive on little water, but humans - not so much.

You never know when or where you might see a small herd of cows. Arizona still has thousand of acres of ranch lands so it is fairly common to come across a scenic view like this - right off the highway. Couldn't resist stopping for this photo. The wire fence seems so small compared to big cows but it is well maintained and they seem to be happy with their area for grazing.

This area is off to the West of the highway - back around an off road - near Black Canyon City. Just before entering, a person, likely a park caretaker, walked on ahead armed with a long stick with a noose on the end - just in case she encountered a rattle snake I assume. So with that in mind, the visit was brief and never, ever, left the trail, looking down left and right, more so than at the landscape all around. Better to go during the winter rather than spring! are all familiar with the "Shop Local" movement and that includes "Made Local" as well. The candles made at Armadilla Wax Works take inspiration from thisterritory with colors and fragrance blends to reflect the culture and seasons. The Fragrance Layers collections offer beautiful colors and unique layers like the Copper Canyon and Aspen. The scented Shades pillars offer fragrance blends like Starry Night and Phoenix Morning Tea. Made in Arizona since 1971 - made with pride and attention to detail from highly refined wax blends to exceptional fragrances.

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