Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Candles, Cars and Cows

Candles, Cars and Cows

The camera is always near to capture scenes from the Armadilla Wax Works' candle workshop and along the roadside to and from the shop. I realize that cows are not an unusual site out West but the ranch lands and native American reservation lands weave their way in and around the cities. You never know when you might see a few grazing cows or places where the antelope roam ...
As more land gets fenced in, some of these areas, and cows, are still reminders of the big sky country and the western way of life.
July 4th is a really big deal in these parts and the World's Oldest Rodeo continues to draw locals and visitors to the events and to the July 4th parade in historic downtown Prescott every year. 

The rodeo and the parade are definitely connected with lots of horseback riders proudly displaying their banners. 

 Heading out to Prescott Valley where the Armadilla candle store lives, I could not help but take a few photos from my car.

So let's get back to Armadilla Wax Works' candle making workshop and store where we make candles... so ... what's this Bentley doing in the candle factory?

Well, a portion of the space, adjacent to where candles are made, lives an interesting collection of classic cars from the elegant Bentley to Rat Rod.
               The collector is a friend with an eclectic taste in cars.
It is fun to see the surprised look on candle customer's faces when they see the room of cars from within the candle store. If they are really interested we are happy to allow them a closer look but no touching. The restorations are perfect and it is tempting to open a door and get a closer look but we respect their privacy - they remind me of brothers and sisters - happy to be together but so different in style.

Kent is finishing Double Fragrance pillar candles on the hotplate.

Son Daniel making Pine Cone candles about 15 years ago

Yes - we really DO make candles here when we're not distracted by horses, cows or cars! 

Love fragrance? You will love our
 Double Fragrance pillar candles

Choose from delectable fragrances like LEMONDROP

Love Sunflowers? 
You must see our complete Sunflower candle collection!

#FloatingSunflowerCandles are so wonderful for weddings and for any special occasion! Just light the candles in you favorite pail, punch bowl or fancy glass vegetable bowl and watch people smile.
All Armadilla Wax Works' candles are of our own original designs, also made in our own molds  right in our candle workshop in Prescott Valley, Arizona. 
Visiting us? We're easy to find! 2651 N. Industrial Way - just off Highway 69!

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