Monday, October 16, 2017

Pumpkins and fall colors are everywhere!

Falling in love with fall colors? 
Is your home overflowing with pumpkins and scarecrows all over the place? 
You must be one of those fall fanatics with decorations starting out on the front porch and overflowing into your home! Your centerpiece for homecomings and fall celebrations can be so beautiful by adding floating candles to your table decorations. Grab something from your "party pantry" like a big punch bowl or a brass bucket, add water and gently add floating candles. The Armadilla Wax Works makes candles the old fashioned way - one candle at a time - especially in the case of the hand-dipped fall leaf clusters.                   
Each one is different - just like fall leaves. 

Pumpkin festivals at your neighborhood farmers' markets are the perfect place to gather fall accessories like real pumpkins, gourds and dried corn cobs. Perfect for table decorations! Add floating pumpkin candles to the centerpiece when friends drop by to make a quick and lovely candlelit welcome home feeling. 

Do you love really good fragrances in your home?  Look to a really good candle company for the best choices and quality for fragrances that reflect your good taste. Making candles since 1971, the Armadilla Wax Works offers the highest quality,  longest lasting fragrances.     Double Fragrance candles are perfect for fragrance lovers like you! The wax formula has been adapted to hold on to double the scent and deliver fragrance for a really long time. The little 3" x 3" size is great for your "thank you" gift baskets, too. Choose from Apple Crisp or Pumpkin Latte! Try the new MinTeaLavender or the Lemondrop or Peach Nectar ~ lots to choose from - wonderful!

Are you a wedding planner? Sunflowers are still the most popular theme for the country, farm house style that is so popular these days. Even if you are a city person, a touch of the country is a charming accent! Try a bouquet of sunflowers from your farmer's market and set the table with Sunflower candles
Easy - affordable and super cute! When you are looking for something to cheer up the residents of your Mom's senior group home, ask of you can set the table with floating Sunflower candles - they simply float in a bowl in the center of the table and are safe in the water. They will be conversation-starters and brighten up everyone's day.                     Candlelight adds the "special" to special occasions no matter when you use them. The weekday dinner becomes a special occasion - just because!

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