Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Made in the USA

How many companies do you know who have been making candles in the USA for over 40 years? 
(Not many, I assure you.)

What began as an interesting side line to attending college, the founders began experimenting with this unusual material just to see what kinds of candles they could make! 

From sand cast candles to novelty figures like unicorns and dragons (once all the rage), the Armadilla Wax Works' CandleFactoryStore has mastered this craft and still designs and manufactures #beautiful candles in Arizona. 

The #floating candles in these photos are DIY - simple glass containers or cylinders with a few accessories. Above is a central cylinder wrapped with a fancy napkin, tied with a silk rope with little satellite cups all around to create a glowing and inexpensive centerpiece.

Looking around the house or pantry will reveal lots of  containers that can be used for floating candles. The base for the centerpiece on the right began with a glass pie plate. The gold containers were spray painted with metallic paint, stuffed with paper doilies, glass cylinders tied with holiday picks and then a few added decorative items to complete the look. 

Candles Made in the USA? Design Made by YOU!   

When you start with quality materials like well made candles, your creative ideas come to life! There's no place like home...
So the next time you host a party, add that special touch of welcome and elegance with #floating candles and a few simple accessories to create a #romantic touch. 

Remember, the candle flames are centered in the candle so the flame and the heat rise straight up out of the center. Gently pinch the wick and lower the candle in to the water, light and enjoy! The 3" diameter candles from #Armadilla Wax Works burn for 7 hours - plenty of time for your party - and they are UNscented so there's no scent competition with the delicious aromas of your dinner.

This year, we suggest that you preferentially consider buying as many products as you can that are Made in the USA. We think you will find better quality for your money as well as supporting American made products and companies from your local community. 

Denise Jenike

PS - Thank you to all Armadilla candle fans for your loyalty since 1971.

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