Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Use Candlelight at Home

How often do you use candlelight, and how do you use it?  Are your candles gathering dust on a shelf or sitting in a lonely closet?  

Candlelight is a fabulous mood enhancer and can make any dinner or evening at home special.  Restaurants, and of course event planners, use candlelight to create a specific mood - romantic, uplifting, fun, playful....  Going out to dinner at a candlelit restaurant is wonderful, but we can't go out every night, so why not follow the professionals' lead and use candles to create a special atmosphere at home?

We featured photos from Thee Wedding Warehouse as well as from Scott's Restaurant and Bar so you can get an idea of how elaborate or how simple creating a specific mood with candlelight can be.  Also you'll notice a variety of ideas from our staff using a bowl, glass or other holder and a floating candle.  A votive in a votive glass is another simple, yet beautiful, option for adding sparkle to your table.  Looking for a glow without the sparkle?  Try a Wax Luminary or freestanding Pillar candles. 

Our floating candles burn from five to seven hours, meaning that a single candle can be used for several dinners.  Our votive candles burn for an incredible 15 hours!  And you can use any type of glass - a wine glass, martini glass, mason jar, juice glass, a bowl, you name it!  Candles are an affordable way to create ambiance and the design potential is unlimited!  See  our Pinterest Boards for more inspiration! 
Be sure to attend our DIY Spring Centerpiece Demonstration at our Prescott Store on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 1:00pm where Hope Randal of Pure Elegance Event Design will show you step-by-step how to create a beautiful Spring centerpiece!

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