Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planning a wedding party reception? Choose floating candles for stunning results.

Planning a wedding party?  
Too many decisions to make?

Here's an easy and economical way to create a stunning centerpiece at every table...

How do we love thee? Let me count the ways...
1) Diameter is 3" so they fit the typical glass cylinder.
2) Burn time is 7 hours so they will last the length of the party.
3) Bulk unscented banquet rose candles will not interfere with the aromas of the dinner.
4) Buy in bulk to save time (looking all over the place) and money (case discounts are good deals).
5) Personalize your glass bowls or cylinders by using a variety of sizes and shapes.
6) Floating candle flames send amazing romantic reflections throughout the water.
7) Everybody looks more beautiful by candlelight and who can have a party without candles?

Having a party outside? Have you tried Floating Pool Luminary Candles?
Honestly, they are so popular for weddings and make every party a special event. Why? We thought you might ask....                                                              
                                                                                    Large size: 5x5" and are reusable! 
The inner cavity glows from a votive candle
centered and stable.
They can also be used on table top.
Available in two shapes - Deco and Lotus.

Watch a video on how they are made!


Let the "Scuba-Dilla" deliver your candles to the wedding site.

No worries - No more decisions - Using floating candles is fun,
easy and affordable. The Armadilla Wax Works has been making candles since 1971 and we offer you our experience in candle making to guarantee great results for your special day.

How to use floating candles and luminary candles?
Pinch the wick, gently lower in to the water. Light and enjoy.
Luminary candles...light the votive candle in the candle cup inside the luminary. Gently lower in to the water of the pool or spa. Be sure to turn off the cleaning or filtering devices so the candles wander aimlessly.
Choose quality candles made in the USA because of the quality of the waxes used, unique original designs to make your wedding party extra special and quick shipping direct to your door.

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