Friday, June 6, 2014

Patio parties this summer? Floating pool candles are the perfect accent.

Planning a few patio, deck, backyard, gazebo, greenhouse, lakelet, puddle, bayou, lagoon parties this summer?

When we get together for parties or special events to celebrate or commemorate, we all look forward to seeing friends and family and catching up on life. Creating these events falls to the event planner - everyone has one or two of these people in their circle - thankfully! People who love people, love to create a memorable time for everyone - images to save in scrapbooks or share on smartphones. 
What makes these events memorable is just seeing each other and the feeling that all are welcome.
As the sun sets, and we settle in to our favorite spot on the couch or deck chair, isn't is a nice touch to see a few candles glowing around the table or floating in the pool? Candlelight is a thoughtful touch.

Floating candles have been around for some time but the Armadilla Wax Works' candle factory is really the first name in floating candles. Why? Because we make so many designs ~ from flowers to round discs to reusable luminary designs. Yes. The #floating pool candles in the lovely photo above are the "Deco" shapes that are 5.5" all around and are illuminated from within by a votive candle. This is one of two shapes you'll really love because you can use them on a table top centerpiece or as shown around and in the pool. Be sure to see the Lotus shape - so beautiful. (Just be sure to turn off the filters, etc during the party.) Be sure to visit the web site to watch a short video on how we make these wax luminarias. We may not be the best at videos, but you can be assured the candles will be beautiful for the party. 
We know you will be happy with our candles - made in the USA since 1971. 

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