Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pumpkin candles for Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Prescott and Prescott Valley are located about 5,000 feet above the "valley of the sun"  Phoenix and surrounding towns and cities. Here in the north country, we are still part of the desert with prickly pear cactus plants growing next to pine trees. But we do have 4 real seasons and right now, the  local farms are having pumpkin festivals and selling pumpkins galore at the farmers' markets. Our pumpkin candles are perfect to complete your fall centerpiece table setting. The 3" medium size are shown in the brass kettle in our photo. The 4.25" size can also be used as a floating candle or on a candle plate as a "novelty" pillar.    
Pumpkin Floating and table candles for Thanksgiving!

We have been making these #pumpkin candles for years and they are lovely candles for displays and gift baskets all through the fall and Thanksgiving.
We suggest adding a few sprigs of greenery from your garden for a natural accent and look for a vintage kettle or bucket as your container for the floating candles. Remember, the candles only burn a diameter in the center of the candle and the heat goes straight up so be sure there are no over-hanging flowers or garlands right above the lit candles. Pumpkin candles are a lovely choice for fall weddings for a classy, country feeling.
We like to say that Armadilla Wax Works is the "first name in floating candles" because we design and make so may different candles - for fall, holidays, weddings and spring settings.
All of our candles, colors and fragrances are coordinated so that your displays and gift ideas "go together" easily. Be sure to check out the complete fall collection that includes acorn and fall leaf floating candles as well as scented Autumn Spice and Orange Cinnamon candles.
You can count on quality American made craftsmanship from a candle company founded, and still owner operated, since 1971. 
Autumn Spice - a n amazing fragrance blens in the perfect fall color.Floating pumpkin candles for your Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

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