Friday, December 18, 2015

Having a party? Invite the simple round candles for an easy, affordable and beautiful centerpeice.
Having a party? wedding? special occasion or big family reunion? Here's the easiest candle to stock in your "party pantry"!

This is a giant collection of just finished 3" round floating candles - but - you need not necessarily use them as floating candles! You can nestle them into a cup with sand or salt for example and use them as a short pillar candle. is one of our pouring machines. It automatically fills the molds as they pass along the running track with the exact amount of wax.
Our simple round candles are perfectly suited to add your special decorative accents to the bowl for a personalized centerpiece. 

Choose well made hand crafted candles even when looking for a simple solution to a candle centerpiece because quality craftsmanship will mean quality materials are used and you will get a long burn time!

Here are two examples of how to use a floating candle in a simple cup with layers of sand and salt - wrapped gently in a nice ribbon to coordinate with your decor. How easy is that?!

Here I used a few thrift store finds! 

Tall margarita glasses and a short holder to give the setting different heights; scattered a few glass beads here and there and when the candles are lit, they cast lovely reflections through the glass all over the table. As you can see, the candle flames are in the center of the candles and the heat goes straight up so the glasses will not be touched.  

Of course we always say : Never leave a burning candle unattended!

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