Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fall is here!

If fall is your favorite time of the year, you've already been gathering decorative accents for every room of the house! With pumpkin festivals and farmer's markets and flea markets to shop, it's a busy time! So here's a little tip - create a simple and beautiful centerpiece with floating candles!
Just about anything will work. Honest! In the photo above I used a plastic terracotta colored plant tray set inside a real terracotta planter pot stuffed all around with a silk fall leaf garland. Whenever you add garlands or other accents, just be sure that you do not allow any of the leaves to reach over into the candle area. #PumpkinFloatingCandles are perfect because they burn over 7 hours - perfect for a party. We suggest unscented candles so the candle aromas do not conflict with the aromas of the dinner. We suggest scented for gift baskets and thank you gifts. Who doesn't love candles? They add such a romantic touch and are such thoughtful gifts.
If the colors of the trees are starting to turn beautiful colors - maybe you would like to bring those colors to the centerpiece with #FallLeafFloating candles! Mix 'n match colors and surround your bowl with real leaves gathered from your back yard! In the image above I used a couple of old brass pots. Choose containers that will hold at least 3+ candles so they really glow!
We hope you have a fabulous fall season! Thank you for your interest in Armadilla Wax Works' hand crafted candles - made in Arizona since 1971.

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